Saturday, February 20, 2010

Hawaiian Party - Tyson Style!

The birthday boy was ready and raring...perky cocnut shells and all!
Such fun.

We dressed appropriately... Although I'm not sure where the pirate idea came from...

And settled in for a good night. (hopefully Sam stuck to the non alcoholic punch in HIS coconut!!)

We decorated...

And made some scrummy food.

Everyone provided their fave party food (I provided a bowl of chips...its what i do ;))

Amy created a watermelon fruit basket...originally it was going to be a swan. Perhaps the level of difficulty was a smidge high???

She was going for faux Hawaiian tackiness...I think she nailed it!

Clare provided her cob loaf dip...YUM!
I believe that Sam ate 3/4 of the two dips provided LOL

My SIL Adele created some amazing pizza pin wheels and a Kahlua dip. Sadly, they disappeared before I could take a pic :(

Bethy made some gorgeous hawaiian pizzas...which I completely missed...doing a three beer (this is how many Mick consumed during the trip) ice run. LOL

An amazing cake appeared...created by a talented friend of the family...SO scrummy!

And there was limbo.

Mum was MUCH better at limbo when she was holding her own stick ;)

The next day, the boys all disappeared with their hangovers to Brisbane to watch the cricket and we cleaned up...well, actually I lie. My sis Clare had done most of it by the time we arrived, so we, um...tested the water quality of the pool. An important job post pool party...

Clare and Amy thought it was important to check for holes in our classy blow up hawaiian drink cooler. So they attempted to launch Sam in it.

Very unsuccessfully.

And we just watched, and admired the veiw.

And I started to dread coming home. I hate where I live, and I miss my family SO SO much :(

Cyber Crop!

Oh my poor poor neglected blog :(
Since coming home from Dad's party I have been sick, and the kids have all started flaking as well, so blogging has been sadly neglected..sorry my lovely patient friends!!!!

This weekend at Wicked Princesses, we are celebrating Krissy's birthday month with a birthday themed Cyber Crop! Come on over and join in! You have until the 24th to get your entries into the gallery!

My challenge is up...create a LO using a birthday candle and use colours inspired by 'birthday food' (My food was frog in the pond...brown, green and a little whipped cream ;))

I'd love to see you over at the forum!

Friday, February 12, 2010

Happy Birthday...

To my dad :)
A truly amazing man.
A man who, by simply loving us kids showed us what a dad really should be.
A man who simply by loving our mum, demonstrated to his girls what a good husband looks like, and to his sons how a good husband is.
A true GENTLEman.
Growing up, he really set us girls expectations high for our future husbands. They say a girl marries a man just like her father, and truly if we did, then we can't go wrong.
And as a Poppy, he does nothing but adore my kids. Seriously, I doubt they could ever do anything wrong in their Poppy's eyes.
It is SO nice to know that there is someone in the world who will ALWAYS be on your side. No matter what. My dad gives us that. So this weekend, we are dusting off our coconut bikinis, and our grass skirts to celebrate HAWAIIAN style my dad's 60th if things are a little quiet round these parts over the next few days you'll know why...
One (or 4) too many fancy alcoholic beverages with pretty umbrellas....

And this pic. Cause it makes me laugh. My dad, giving birth to a 5 year old...HAH!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Wicked Princess Sketch :)

My take on Krissy's gorgeous February sketch over at Wicked Princesses :) And there are also sneaky peeks up of March kits!

So so gorgeous....

I couldn't even decide on just ONE if I wanted to!

Have a great day!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Lets Get Shabby #8

So once again, I am entering the Lets Get Shabby challenge...I can't resist, each month the criteria and the gorgeous examples by the DT suck me in and I get me itching to create something!
This month's criteria was to create a shabby styled Valentine inspired LO featuring a love note... My LO is all about one of my favourite notes ever....the note that Charlotte wrote for Sam for his birthday...she wrote him a poem...
(Dear Sam, You fill my heart with love, your eyes are light brown, when I look at you, you make me smile, Love Charlotte)
****happy sigh****
Its moments like THAT that make this tough parenting gig all the more worthwhile :)
I have been wanting to scrap the memory ever since she wrote it.
And the criteria for Lets Get Shabby this month seemed perfect!

So I figure that the roses and the jewels are Valentiney enough, and there is definitely a handwritten note filled with love featured :) (the poem is folded and in the little kraft envelope-its easy peasy to get in and out whenever Mummy feels like having a little cry LOL)

Thanks for stopping by!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

This Weekend....

It rained.
We all went to the library.
I have read THREE books this weekend. It was BLISS! The kids have also been reading. I love that they love to read :)

I also de activated my Facebook account
It was slowly but surely taking over my life...and so many little dramas, dramas I would not even know about if it weren't for my facebook account! I am happy to live for a little while without it....however, I know myself, and I know never to say never ;)
How was your weekend??? As action packed as mine??? LOL

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Friday Faves!

Sorry the faves are late...yesterday ended up being not great. I woke up to find Nat was sick, and unable to go to school. I rang up work to let them know I couldn't come in, which ended up being a GOOD thing. Around 8 o'clock I was hit with a horrible migraine. I ended up sleeping all day yesterday only waking up to check my patient (thank GOODNESS she was happy with the TV and the occasional drink that I managed to get her LOL) So, I am feeling MUCH better as is my patient!

We also got news yesterday that my Sis in Law had her baby boy yesterday, no word on a name as yet, but both mummy and bubby are doing well! We are hoping to squeeze ina visit next weekend! Ahhhh, baby snuggles!

So, onto the faves!

My BIG fave this week is hearing all the amazing stories of what happens in PREP!
Every day is a new adventure for this guy :) So nice to actually hear about what happens...all i get from the girls now is a shrug and a grunt when i ask about their day LOL #2 am loving that the tennis is mostly done with and that all my fave shows are back...


Criminal Minds....(or Savage Killers as it is known in this house LOL)
And all the others...I love my tv!
#3 Dorian Gray...
Loved the movie! I have always been a little fascinated by the story of Dorian Gray, and I just LOVED the movie!

#4 My Cuttlebug...It does such cool stuff! The best thing, when we lost power last Sunday for 6 hours it kept my kids entertained! They embossed absolutely every single scrap of paper that they could find LOL

#5 I am really loving all the red in my kitchen. It makes me smile. Especially my kitchenaide :)

Have a great weekend y'all!

Monday, February 1, 2010

A scrappy update :)

Yay! The first of the month...all new challenges!!!!

My first one is my CT LO for Scrap The Girls...needed to include the quote "Dance like no one is watching, Sing like no one is listening, love like you have never been hurt and Live as though heaven is here on earth" Mark Twain. And it also needed love hearts :)

And this month...there are FIVE sponsors, so FIVE chances of winning!!!!! Why not give it a try???
It was my job to set the colour challenge over at WP this month and I chose brown,blue,green and orange. Yeah I know...sounds gross...but I kind like them all together! Why not give it a go and put it into the gallery for the chance to win a prize?

And my Wicked kit arrived in the mail today.

I couldn't wait and created this one straight away!

My mum and cute are they????