Thursday, July 22, 2010

The Absent Blogger Returns :)

Yep, She's back :)

And the reason for my absence?

The Saturday before last, at 3 o'clock in the afternoon, we received one of those phone calls that chills your blood.
My mum and dad rang to tell us that mum has cancer. It sounded bad. Mum had been sick for 3 weeks. Vomiting. Now I am no doctor, but vomiting for 3 weeks straight doesn't sound good. Especially seeing as mum has a transplanted kidney, and needs to have a certain amount of fluids to keep her kidney happy.
My sisters and I decided to go up. To Charter's Towers. 1000 kms away.
My sis Clare arrived at my place at 9.30 that night from Brisbane...not too sure what she had packed, as she had managed to leave the house within an hour of hearing the news.
My husband arranged to work just school hours so he could have the kids before and after school. He never even hesitated. He just said 'you need to go', and he took care of everything.
Sunday morning at 6am, we set off.

So boring. So scary....not knowing how mum would be, nor if we were even welcome! (yeah, we left without mentioning we were coming)
When we arrived, mum was sick. Really sick. She rallied around and we had a lovely time sightseeing up at the look out that evening. Feeding the rock wallabies and seeing a beautiful sunset.
But that was the end of the rallying.
Mum couldn't keep any food down. She had no energy. All she could do was sleep.
It was scary to see her so sick.
As we were getting no help from the doctors and the hospital up there, we moved her back down south. Dad quit his job without even a second thought, and they flew down to Brisbane.
My brother and his wife arrived in Charters to help with the packing. They drove 2500km from Canberra in 2 days.
This week has really shown me how important family is. When the chips are down, family is awesome.
Bills have been paid, an entire house has been packed, and every tiny detail has been taken care of. Mum and dad have somewhere to live in Brisbane for as long as they need whilst treatment is received and beyond. Truly, this week I have seen love in action.
I am beyond proud to belong to this family of mine, and have never been more grateful to have been one of 5 children! Imagine organising this on my own!!!
I am now back home. And we wait.
Mum is now in hospital in Brisbane, and we are all anxiously awaiting the results for this newest series of tests, as they are still trying to identify what her primary cancer actually is.
So, please pray for my mum, we just want her to be happy and healthy. She is so so so loved.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Dress Up Dollies!

I received the amazing Up up and Away collection along with the super cute Dress up dolls from KaiserCraft this month *swoon*
I had to jump on in and create these cute little homework holders for my kidlets :) The colours in the Up up and Away range work just as well for girls as it does for versatile ranges like this!
Pearls, flowers and ribbons add gorgeous little details, the latte pearl strips are perfect with this range :)
I also used the background 'script' stamps to help create my background and also jazz up the super old KaiserCraft MDF alphas I had :)
Love the little pearl neckline;)
Thanks for stopping by, have a wonderful week :)

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Wicked Princess Sketch :)

Krissy's first sketch for the month went up last week, and I actually got it done (whilst waiting anxiously for my first ever KC pack to arrive LOL)! Some cute little concertina flowers

Oooh and this folded paper strip :)

And the envelope holds the journalling...all about when I took him to work a few weeks back and he serenaded the town with his take on the score from High School Musical.
Seriously, this little guy sings ALL day!

I don't think its possible to love another paper range as much as I love these two from October Afternoon (Thrift Store and Fly A Kite) *sigh*

Thanks for stopping by!

Monday, July 5, 2010

So we went on this adventure yesterday...

A friend of mine had suggested that there was a lovely little cafe/pub in a small town called Mt Perry (about 150km) away. So we hopped in the car and drove up there for lunch yesterday...and found this sign... Hah! Claosed for a private function. Yeah, hindsight is a wonderful thing. Perhaps we should have called LOL
All was not lost...we explored...
And spent lots of lovely time together...

Nat opened her first gate (an important milestone in the lif of any country kid...and more importantly the mum who no longer HAS to LOL)

And we visited the Boolboonda tunnel 'the longest man made unsupported tunnel in Australia'.
So cool. I remember visiting this tunnel with MY mum when I was about Nat's age!

And then I took pics...

And THEN the funniest part...
I got a phone call.
From my sister.
Who was at my house.
She had travelled the 8 hours, to surprise us, only to be surprised herself!
Have a great week my friends! I am off to have a Chai with my sis (She brings the syrup with her seeing as it is unavaibale in town here!!!!)

Saturday, July 3, 2010

I Feel Like Such a Fraud...

My first ever Kaisercraft LO is up on the blog today, along with 2 gorgeous LOs by Leanne Allinson and Lesley Cooper. I totally feel like I don't belong here with such talent...
Here's my take on the sketch...
Enter YOUR take into the gallery by the end of July and you could win a $25 collection pack!
Love those wooden frames...Do ya think if I beg and plead Kaiser might send me some more just 'cause I am cool? Yeah, thought not ;)

Thursday, July 1, 2010

July's Scrap The Girls

Is up, and its a gorgeous sketch...I Looove sketches! I am a little sad...its my last month :(
Thanks so much Late, I have had an absolute ball...I am kind of excited now though, cause now I can enter the challenges!!! LOL
And here ' little Tree Fairy

Have a great week!

Butterfly Kisses

The new girly kit has been relesed today over at Wicked Princesses ;) I loved using it...even the little touches of purple!
I will be sharing the background technique used on this LO later this month..

Be warned, its MESSY!
But kinda sweet!

And this will be my step-by-step project to be shared later this week...

And this is for my sis, her groom and his groomsmen. No journalling as I am leaving that for her to fill in;)

Today, I am loving NOT being at work...God bless the school holidays I say! We (the kids and I) went down for a morning breakfast meeting, and then the rest of the day was ours...Sam was funny last night asking about the 'party' we were going to. I told him it wasn't a party, so he replied 'All right then, the feast' LOL. With my kids, it seems to ALWAYS be about the food!
Have a great day my wonderful friends, thanks for stopping by!