Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Looky here!

I am famous!!!LOL Well, in this forum anyway!

Click on the link and scroll about halfway down! WOOHOO!!!!

Oooooh Its August!!!!

(well soon enough anyways)

And all the new challenges start! Marisa has put up to GREAT sketches for August Come on over and check them out(my take is up there^^^) could be in the running to win a $10 store voucher! And her store is CHEAP, so $10 goes a fair way!!!,615.0.html

We also have our August colour Challenge up, and YUM! Black, pink, Teal Ooooooh boy! Again you could be in the running for a $10 store voucher!

Come on...come join the fun!!!!!

Hump day

I can't decide if I love Wednesdays, or hate them...I usually have a fairly relaxed sort of day, but in the back of my mind is the thought "I have to go to work tomorrow"...I am so lucky that my working week starts just when everyone else is starting to see the weekend light at the end of the working week tunnel...but I really don't wanna go some days.

Thursdays and Fridays are when everyone comes in to whine about pays, and cash their wages cheques. Ahhh well, the busier we are the faster my whole two days at the bank go! LOL

Natalie is home sick again today. I say sick cause she isn't terribly well but then again I just had to call her down out of the mango tree, so I probably wouldn't exactly say she was sick. Maybe its more of a mental health day kind of thing...and sheesh, who doesn't sometimes need THEM?!?!

So here she is snuggled up in the cat bed with Super KittyThe other morning some annonymous three year old boy, whose name rhymes with 'Spam' tipped the hair water sprayer into my crate of hair pretties. I tried ignoring this. But it started to smell, BAD! So today I hung them all out to dry, and disinfected anything stinky. I also threw out things that had gone a little, um, mouldy. does stuff go mouldy in winter??? Methinks this is not the first time the annonymous 'Spam' has done this...
And here is the amazing Sam...discovering the joys of Nutella. Or as he says "Can I please have a chock - lit sammich" CUTE!
I don't know if I have mentioned Sam's habit of singing all day long. And how he knows the 'vibe' of the song rather than the actual words? Anyhoo, today favourite song is...

Ring-a-ring-of roses - Sung with the following 'Sammism' "The cows are in the meadows eating all the tissues, the tissues, the tissues, they all spew up!"

So, how are the Friday Faves lists going? I actually have mine mostly planned this week *GASP*, yep, with PHOTOS!!!!!! Dena, the Friday Faves guru and my Bad Girl hero (depending on how my Studio Calico splurge goes, I may well be tempted by a Bad Girl kit next time!!!) has scrapped some Friday faves! Go Dena!!!!

Love ya all, thanks for stopping by!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008


What have I done????

I foolishly went over to Studio Calico, and clicked on their August kit. I fell in love. Instantly. The type of love where you don't think straight. And I clicked buy.


I am SO excited! I love this place...I shall have to eat rice and beans for a month, but it will be winging its way to me soon! (please God don't let me get one of those horrible emails telling me that they are out of stock PLEEEEEEEEEEEASE!!!!!!!)

I can't believe I am going to posess the gorgeousness that is this kit....really who can resist something called 'Rasperry Truffle'...I am not made of stone!

Oh and good is the AUD against the USD!?! 12 months ago I wouldn't have even considered buying the kit because the conversion would have broken $1AUD is worth $0.94USD. WOW!

You had better believe I'll be showing a picture of this kit when it arrives in all is delightful goodness...It will probably arrive with a light shining down on it from heaven and choirs of angels will be singing - no need to listen out for the mail man that day!

Monday, July 28, 2008

Its nearly August!

And that means its nearly time to show my August DT stuff for Direct2U!!!! Here are some sneaky peaks at what I did with this months kit! It was just delish! (hint hint! LOL)

Monday Funday!

So, what's your blog's readability level?? Movie'>">Movie Reviews

Apparently I am at a Junior High level, so apparently I write at about the same age that I think! LOL

Some making for the comp going on over at Scrap a While...This weeks theme was 'words'. Just choose a word that's meaningful and go for it....

Some nights I go to bed with 'mum' ringing in my ears. But I know how blessed I am to have these precious souls here with me, wanting my help and needing me to be here with them. I know its not going to last forever, and I do try to enjoy this time, but somethimes I need a reminder!

I got my prize from wining back in week one, and of course I am all enthused! i love that I only spent $8 myself and got SO much goodness...I even got some free flowers! Does life get any better!?!?

Love ya, thanks for stopping by!

Sunday, July 27, 2008

A Park Party...and just a little scrapping...

The kids were all invited to help Lily Wain celebrate her 6th birthday with a party in the park. They had such a blast. There was HEAPS of yummy food (including some decadent Mars Bar slice) and fun games. The pinata was a huge hit, with EVERYONE scoring hepas of party goodies. Of course a trip to Bicentennial park isn't complete without a climb all over the train. Look at Charli...clearly used to mummy and the camera. She stops and freezes whenever the camera gets pointed her way! LOL
And these two monkies...Natalie was SUCH a great big sister. She helped Sammy the whole time we were at the party. Hard to believe that only HOURS ago they had been shouting "I hate you SO much" At each other!
And a VERY quick LO for Scrapbook Shelf. Inspired by an add. I also got the title for the Lo from one of the kids fave movies which was playing in the background (HSM2) "I need a Little that so wrong?" Well....don't we ALL need some fabulous????
And blind scrapping challenge number 3 for Addicted2Scrapping. I quite like this one! My little Charli Beth having her first bath! It was so nice, she was born right on change over for the midwives, and so they kind of forgot about us in all the commotion for 2 or 3 hours. This was the first time she was taken from me...this was when they also weighed and measured her. I got those first precious hours just drinking in her gorgeousness.
So that's about it for now...lazy COLD Sunday (YAY!) Thanks for stopping by!

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Some Making!

First a quick LO I did inspired by the pizza box full of Chatterbox goodies I got from Direct2U. The ribbons and papers from this range are LOVELY! I also love how they are so cheap and always arrive so quickly...Marisa takes care of us! I was challenged by the girls over at Scrap a While to use circles, stitching and doodling on a LO. So, here 'tis! Love this pic, all of them actually! Can't take the crdeit myself sadly, I am lucky if my snaps are in focus! This was taken by Bethy's boss at Bush Turkey Studios. He is a truly amazing photographer. Love the emotion that he captures in his shots.
Challenge 1 for the blind scrapping challenge over at Addicted2Scrapping. So much fun! Just the thing if your get up and go has got up and gone. Maxine has created some really great instructions for us to follow blindly! LOL
And my Slice Of Life entry for Scrapbook Shelf this week. I am thinking I may stop entering here... I dunno, I'll see what next week brings! This challenge had to use no photos and a one word here's mine.

Thanks for looking! Love ya...give me a shout out...I am feeling lonely! I'd love to visit your blog too :-)

Friday, July 25, 2008

Blind Scrapping Challenges

Tonight from 7pm....over at Addicted 2 Scrapping

Come join in the fun, and maybe win a prize!!!!!

Five Fab Faves for Friday!!!

Okay...kinda struggling this week, so I thought I might share my five fave spots for inspiration! INSPIRED!!!!!!

This blog ALWAYS makes me want to go create!

This girl inspires me to keep up with my Friday faves...nothing like accountability to get you going LOL

This man is amazing. His story inspires me love my children and husband extra hard and hug them all just a little longer. I usually end up crying when I visit here.

This lady here is uber her scrapping

I love going here...always gets me itching to disappear into my room for days on end to play!

Sorry guys. I know its sucky and a total cop out, but my mind is full of life and trying to get back together after our fabulous weekend away. I promise promise promise not to suck next Friday, and to have a list packed full of friday Fave goodness...complete with photos...PROMISE!!!

Sorry inspiration here LOL

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Just look at the pics...

and try to ignore the fact that I have NO faves yet this week...I am thinking hard though...still a few hours before Friday! How are your faves going???

Love this pic of my bro and mum...we all met at Clare's for a post party brunch. Family tradition that follows every gathering, and its a good one...a late brunch of bacon and eggs. GREAT for a post party queasy tummy! Awww the girls...but missing Bethy. GRRRRRRR. I don't think we will ever manage a whole group shot!
My Aunts who came up for Clare's party! How cool are they!?! (these are my mum's sisters...there are 5 all up)
Clare and my girls. How cute that Charli and Clare matched! nat looks cross cause she was hot. She had her first ever sleep over with mum and dad the night before, and I had forgotten a t shirt.
So, that's about it for the engagement party. I missed lots of photos that I really wanted (like a good one of the happy couple!!!!!) but I got lots to keep me happy.

I got my last assignment back for last semester. I got a dinstinction! So, thats two units I have passed and 6 more to go (sheesh, bit depressing when I say it like that!) I spent over $100 on two text books yesterday. Gosh, I really am a poor uni student all over again!

Well, I am off to think...I need five faves for tomorrow, and my head is HURTING!

Love ya, thanks for stopping by!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

The party!

The happy couple...believe it or not, this is the BEST photo I could get of the two of them...they are fast, and apparently don't like having their pic taken!!! But I did get a snap of this gorgeous couple! Charli had come into the kitchen crying, and a cuddle from Aunty Clare made the world a happy place again!
My cousin (who I haven't seen since I was about 12) came out to say hello. I had NO idea who she was. I was polite, but in that kind of vague way...Everyone else seemed to know her, so I was friendly...just had no idea!
Then(Oh no..thats not the embarassing part!!) her brother came out to inroduce me to his new wife. I had been talked to after the last incident, so I knew who this was! I had just taste tested one of our goodies (quality control is very important) when they came in...I was intorduced...went to speak and spat on the poor woman!
I stayed in the kitchen after that *blush*
This is a selfy of my other kitchen slave...oops, I mean sister Amy!
The kids had a BLAST with the helium balloons...they figured out (with help from their Aunts and Uncles) that if you tied enough around barbie or batman...they could FLY!!! Funniest thing of the night was watching Mick try to stuff these all into the boot...
My mum, sis in law and Mick...Mum sat down between them and just held their hands. How sweet! She really loves her sons/daughters in law like her own kids.

Dad getting deep during the speeches!
More tomorrow...I grow weary of loading the pics LOL

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

So tired....

But so happy!

We had the BEST weekend EVER! I miss my family so much, it was so good to see them all! I have photos - of course - just need to put them on the computer...after I find the camera. Miss you guys SO SO SO much! I am plugging for us to go home for christmas this year...if Danny and Del are going then gosh darn it, so will I!!! Shot gun the double bed!!!

Got home to a WONDERFUL email! I have been accepted onto a new DT! Its a new online scrapping store Addicted2scrapping. So excited!!! Because its all new, not everything is up and running yet, but I am sure Michelle will have it chugging along nicely in NO time!!!

Mum and dad are on holidays...over at 1770. Lucky beggars. They may just find themselves with some visitors if they don't watch out!

Uni went back yesterday blah....I guess this means my scrapping weekends are over for a few months again :-(

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Five Fab Faves for Friday!!!

Yeash, yeah...I know, its Thursday, but seeing as I won't be here I thought I would prove my commitment to the Friday Faves Fabulousness and post mine early! How's THAT for commitment?!?!

My first fave is the reason I won't be here this Friday, I love that excited feeling you get when you are looking forward to something...and boy oh boy am I looking forward to something!!! I get to see all of my family this weekend to celebrate my little sis' engagement!!! Yep, this is her and her lovely fiancee Shane :-) Isn't she gorgeous?? Gets her looks from her older sister I am told!!! Bwahahaha...I couldn't even type that without laughing!
So this weekend I get to catch up with my mum, dad, brother and SIL from Canberra, Sis and fiancee from Brisbane, Sis from Ballina and Baby Bro and SIL from ballina...GOOD TIMES!

My next fave is related to my hubby...gorgeous man that he is. Not only can he create door thingy's with his bare hands..he separates the marshmallows for me! I only like the white ones (wierd...I know...) So he separates the packet into two lots, the pinks (eeeew) and the whites. He then manfully disposes of the icky pink ones as well. What a keeper!!

The kids are currently addicted to the X box. Sadly however they can't play. They happily tootle around the same level for hours on end, blissfully unaware that they are meant to be progressing through lvels or getting points. It also takes the 3 of them to figure it all out...How cute!!!
My next fave is Sam's singing, Its hilarious. He loves to sing...sings all day long. He 'knows' lots of songs...or should I say he knows the vibe of a lot of songs. He knows what direction the song goes in, and the story that the song goes, but dammit if he will be constrained to the actual words!!!

He sings his little stories all day long, and it is soooooo cute!

This week I am also loving the winter sun. I love sitting on my back steps, catching up with the kids or just watching them play...makes me soooo sleepy, and feels SO good after a freezing cold day! Bliss:-)

So that's me for the week! I shall be back on Wednesday with loads of pics and stories and happy times to share! We are planning on going to Australia Zoo (Steve Irwins baby) so I am sure I will have lots of scrapping fodder Ooops, I mean photos!!!

Love ya, thanks for stopping by!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Our door thingy

You know how doors to the outside have a wood thingy down the bottom that stops the rain and bugs and junk? Well, we didn't have one. And every time it rains (heh I said every time like its such a common thing!!LOL) we have the same conversation about needing one of those door thingys...

This morning it was raining. And we had the conversation, AGAIN.

But today, after work Mick made one!

It took three lots of fittings, lots of swearing (hah! love the new inventive combinations he comes up with when doing work!) and a fair bit of hammering, but we have one...
But the door won't close. Which kind of defeats the purpose of the door thingy.

I missed getting a good picture of Mick hammering and asked him to pose one for me. All I got was this look....
So, we still have no door thingy. But good news, the skies are clear, so looks like we are safe, until the rain comes again, and we have the conversation again...

Slice Of Life Comp

Scrapbook shelf begin their Slice Of Life Comp this is my weekone entry :-) And a close up...yeah, kinda hooked on the little butterfly critters... Gloria asked a question about the butterflies (Woohoo!!!! A question about MY scrapping LOL its never happened before!)
To make them, I just stamped a butterfly stamp onto a transparency (just the office type ones) using Staz On ink and cut them out. Easy!
I love this pic...the only thing I DON'T like about it is that Clare is missing:-( I intend to fix this on the weekend and get one of all of us...Mum, me Clare, Amy, Del and Bethy!!!! Woot! Can't wait to see you all! I am having serious family withdrawl symptoms!

How hot is my sis Amy??? She's single!!! Any takers???? LOL

Well, love ya! Thanks for stopping by!

Oh and I really have to say THANK YOU to people who left comments in the last few days. I had a yucky day yesterday and seeing happy comments really made me SMILE!!!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

July 123 challenge

This months challenge criteria were to use string as a border, stamping, and the colours pink, green,maroon and orange.

Just a quick snap of my beloved husband...unawares, as he won't pose and doesn't know this is on the internet - *shhhhhh*

I missed out on the DT position over at 123, but thats okay, cause the girls who won are fantastic. Still disappointing though...guess not everyone can win!

Happy 30th to my Friday Faves guru Dena. hope you had a great day and got spoiled rotten!

The kids went back to school today, and Sam and I did the shopping...I was too chicken to go during the holidays, so food was getting pretty low. I don't know how someone who lives as close to the shops as I do can still run out of bread...the girls went to school today with everything in their lunchboxes but sandwhiches...never fear though, I am ALL over sandwiches for tomorrow!

Have a great day, thanks for stopping by!

Just helping Rachel out!

No, I don't 'know' her, but I want to help her would suck majorly to miss out on winning a comp just cause you didn't get enough points!

She has entered a comp at Scrap n crop and by linking this on my blog, she has earned a point!

Good luck Rachel...whoever you are LOL

Monday, July 14, 2008

Some Crafty Kidlet Sharing

The kids all made cute little cards for Clare and Shane's engagement...How clever are they? A bit of handcutting some paper piecing and some punch art and .... VOILA!

I said to the girls "we should pop these on the internet" which they were thrilled I propped them on my keyboard to take the pic and Charli asks "Is that how they get onto the internet" Heeeeee...osmosis!!!!!

I am going to miss my monkey's's back:-(

Close your eyes Mumsy...its just some scrapping! LOL

Wheeeee! This new scrapping comp starts today! And I did some more for ScrapaWhile...I made three entries for this week intending to choose my favourite, but none of them worked out the way I saw them in my head, so I entered all three. the challenge was to scrap a page with song lyrics.

The first is our wedding song by Shania Twain 'From This Moment'. Sooooooo typical of the late 1990's...hands up if you also had that song??? LOl I think a squabillion of us did!
This next one is 'Girls Just Wanna Have Fun', with pics from my hen's night. Such a fun night! Made me realise how much I miss my friend Rach...I haven't spoken to her for probably over 12 months....

Anyways...I'll leave you with those :-)

Love ya! Thanks for stopping by!

Sunday, July 13, 2008

We went for a bush walk! lazy Sunday for us! We piled in the car and went for a bush walk in Mick's beloved National park. Now usually I miss these little junkets, as Mick takes the kids during term so that I can use the time to study. But, I am STILL ON HOLIDAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So after much arguing about which track to take...(3 guesses for who won!) we took Natalie's track. All the way down the gorge to the river. The kids like to climb over the enormous rocks that make up the river bed.
Yep...hard core, name it, we are IT! The climb down was pretty hairy in parts, but the climb back up was just plain tiring! LOL Apparently this is the first time ever that Sam has done the whole walk -well- walking! Mick usually carries him out. I don't know how...he's tough that man 'o' mine!
And I have a sneaky feeling that some monkeys may have gotten a hold of my camera and taken a few self portraits????

Have a great week y'all! Love ya, thanks for stopping by!