Wednesday, July 23, 2008

The party!

The happy couple...believe it or not, this is the BEST photo I could get of the two of them...they are fast, and apparently don't like having their pic taken!!! But I did get a snap of this gorgeous couple! Charli had come into the kitchen crying, and a cuddle from Aunty Clare made the world a happy place again!
My cousin (who I haven't seen since I was about 12) came out to say hello. I had NO idea who she was. I was polite, but in that kind of vague way...Everyone else seemed to know her, so I was friendly...just had no idea!
Then(Oh no..thats not the embarassing part!!) her brother came out to inroduce me to his new wife. I had been talked to after the last incident, so I knew who this was! I had just taste tested one of our goodies (quality control is very important) when they came in...I was intorduced...went to speak and spat on the poor woman!
I stayed in the kitchen after that *blush*
This is a selfy of my other kitchen slave...oops, I mean sister Amy!
The kids had a BLAST with the helium balloons...they figured out (with help from their Aunts and Uncles) that if you tied enough around barbie or batman...they could FLY!!! Funniest thing of the night was watching Mick try to stuff these all into the boot...
My mum, sis in law and Mick...Mum sat down between them and just held their hands. How sweet! She really loves her sons/daughters in law like her own kids.

Dad getting deep during the speeches!
More tomorrow...I grow weary of loading the pics LOL

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foxylady said...

hey loved reading your blog.We are having the best time...NOT Its miserablee but at least now we are warm. That is a good thing. I too loved the weekend and we'd love you to come home for Christmas