Wednesday, July 2, 2008

I got tagged by Kerryn!

I think this is the same one I did Friday, but being a true Tyson likes and ideas change like the wind LOL so I'll give it another go!

1. Ten years ago - planning my wedding, or getting mum to plan my wedding LOL. I was in Hughenden, the wedding was in mumsy ended up doing all the bridal fairs and visiting reception places. She planned a mighty nice wedding in my absence!

2. Todays to do list...(I'll do tomorrows) Take Sam to day care, Take my girls out for morning tea (poor little things have had a craptacular holiday so far) Go to work (with the girls) Do the cleaning at the bank (The cleaner is away, and so I am doing it for her) SCRAP!!!!

3. Snacks...well, with all the tummy bugs floating around here this week I have to say this week fave is potato crisps and lemonade.

4. Millionaire...I would buy a house in Ballina for me and all my brothers and sisters so we could annoy mum and dad FOREVER!!!!

5. Places I have lived Canberra, Wingham, Taree, Hughenden, Mitchell, Mundubbera

I won't tag anyone else...cause you guys did a LOVELY already!!!

Thanks Kerryn...loved reading your answers!


Kerryn said...

LOL didn't read your blog properly beforehand. I was just so excited to have someone DIFFERENT to tag. I don't normally tag anyone cause not that many people know who the heck I am LOL. Thanks for being a good sport :).

Dena said...

Funny! You got tagged with the same thing I got tagged with last week. Love how it goes all around the world in no time flat.

Can't wait to see your five fave list. I am having a hell of a time with mine this week.
PMS perhaps? I don't know LOL!