Wednesday, July 2, 2008

123 DT challenge 3!

Was to scrap a page without photos...
I have done my health nurse visit card, that shows my weight, length etc from the time I was 1 3/4 weeks old up until age 3 1/2. How cute is my mum keeping this for such a long time???? The LO also had to have a handmade embellishment and some I made some felt flowers and stamped some flourishes.
Not entirely happy with this...I had so many ideas, I just ran out of time. Ahh well, its there and there's no going back now!


foxylady said...

O that is way cute. See it was worth keeping it all this do so good.

jacqui jones said...

very nice
what a good mum u have
i hate what will happen when emily asks for hers, i think i took her all of three times!...such a bad mumma i can be, but she was fat, happy and breastfeed like a champ!

Kerryn said...

Well done Kirsty. Glad the ideas helped :). It looks great. Good luck with the DT challenge. I've tagged you :). All the details are on my blog.