Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Ummm, Yay for holidays!?!

Grrrrr...these kids haven't had a day off sick all term, the holidays start and BAM...we have Charlotte...sick enough to put herself to bed in the middle of the day for a sleep (this is AMAZING! Seriously, this kid DOES NOT SLEEP)
Sam just spewed on the carpet. I was kind though and didn't take a photo ;-D

Poor Nat, all she could say was "I guess we aren't going to the park today either" This was yesterday though...enjoying High School Musical 2. Sam is so funny. All you have to do is sing the first line of one of the songs and he is away, singing his little heart out...I was humming one of the songs in the supermarket the other day (they are that damn catchy!) and Sam started singing at the top of his lungs...we got lots of smiles :-)
Sooooooo today is a day of disinfectant, washing and rinsing buckets....good times!

Thanks for stopping by. Just don't breathe too deeply, you might catch something....

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