Thursday, July 24, 2008

Just look at the pics...

and try to ignore the fact that I have NO faves yet this week...I am thinking hard though...still a few hours before Friday! How are your faves going???

Love this pic of my bro and mum...we all met at Clare's for a post party brunch. Family tradition that follows every gathering, and its a good one...a late brunch of bacon and eggs. GREAT for a post party queasy tummy! Awww the girls...but missing Bethy. GRRRRRRR. I don't think we will ever manage a whole group shot!
My Aunts who came up for Clare's party! How cool are they!?! (these are my mum's sisters...there are 5 all up)
Clare and my girls. How cute that Charli and Clare matched! nat looks cross cause she was hot. She had her first ever sleep over with mum and dad the night before, and I had forgotten a t shirt.
So, that's about it for the engagement party. I missed lots of photos that I really wanted (like a good one of the happy couple!!!!!) but I got lots to keep me happy.

I got my last assignment back for last semester. I got a dinstinction! So, thats two units I have passed and 6 more to go (sheesh, bit depressing when I say it like that!) I spent over $100 on two text books yesterday. Gosh, I really am a poor uni student all over again!

Well, I am off to think...I need five faves for tomorrow, and my head is HURTING!

Love ya, thanks for stopping by!


Dena said...

Struggling with my faves list as well LOL
thusly I came to yours to get inspiration. Looks like you are having the same prob as I am.

I think I am going to do a five fave CHA list since I missed out doing it this weekend.

What about doing your 5 fave shows this week or something??

Hope you are doing well :)

foxylady said...

Kirsty I too love that piccy of Danny and I..I suck at my favs this week as I haven't done them I think I will leave it to this Friday now..Cheater