Monday, July 28, 2008

Monday Funday!

So, what's your blog's readability level?? Movie'>">Movie Reviews

Apparently I am at a Junior High level, so apparently I write at about the same age that I think! LOL

Some making for the comp going on over at Scrap a While...This weeks theme was 'words'. Just choose a word that's meaningful and go for it....

Some nights I go to bed with 'mum' ringing in my ears. But I know how blessed I am to have these precious souls here with me, wanting my help and needing me to be here with them. I know its not going to last forever, and I do try to enjoy this time, but somethimes I need a reminder!

I got my prize from wining back in week one, and of course I am all enthused! i love that I only spent $8 myself and got SO much goodness...I even got some free flowers! Does life get any better!?!?

Love ya, thanks for stopping by!

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Alita said...

Love those layouts - good luck with the competition. Glad to hear you got your goodies - enjoy and thanks for joining in the competition!