Tuesday, July 29, 2008


What have I done????

I foolishly went over to Studio Calico, and clicked on their August kit. I fell in love. Instantly. The type of love where you don't think straight. And I clicked buy.


I am SO excited! I love this place...I shall have to eat rice and beans for a month, but it will be winging its way to me soon! (please God don't let me get one of those horrible emails telling me that they are out of stock PLEEEEEEEEEEEASE!!!!!!!)

I can't believe I am going to posess the gorgeousness that is this kit....really who can resist something called 'Rasperry Truffle'...I am not made of stone!

Oh and BTW....how good is the AUD against the USD!?! 12 months ago I wouldn't have even considered buying the kit because the conversion would have broken me...today $1AUD is worth $0.94USD. WOW!

You had better believe I'll be showing a picture of this kit when it arrives in all is delightful goodness...It will probably arrive with a light shining down on it from heaven and choirs of angels will be singing - no need to listen out for the mail man that day!

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Scrappage said...

Sound lovely kirsty, please do post a photo of the kit would love to see. How much did they hit you for postage from US.