Sunday, June 29, 2008

My ex - hot chocolate tin :-)

As promised, my ATC storage tin! I used Sassafrass Lass papers, which I loved, but was a tad scared to use on a LO. They seems SO busy...or something, but were begging to be used on an Off The Page item :-) The paper flowers were actually a sheet of patterend paper...I cut out three flowers from the paper for each flower, then chopped them into bits and used foam tape to make them 3D. I liked them so much I decided to use them on the cards that I made from the scraps :-)
I am now trying to make cards from my left overs AS I GO. If they go into my scrap box, the kids use them and they become, ummmmmm art????? LOL Sam likes to grab a whole 12x12 sheet of paper and make kites. Which I'll admit is fun, but really means my scraps need to be fully used up by me before they can go in the box.
So they are pretty generic, and kind of boyish which is good! Making cards for girls/ladies is a cinch, but men are TOUGH. They really don't enjoy lace and flowers on their cards...strange!
So I managed a tin and two cards from a sheet of cardstock and two sheets of paper...gotta love double sided papers!!!!

Enjoy your Sunday! We just had bacon and eggs and are still lazing around sipping on cups of tea. I suppose the dishes and washing need to be done at some stage....

Love you!

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Book week parade

For their last day of school for the term, the kids were asked to dress up as their favourite book character. Good times I hear you say....well, yes, maybe for some! At our house however there was much wailing and gnashing of teeth in regards to costumes! I was fully prepared to send Charlotte as Grumpy Dwarf!

Natalie went as a mermaid out of one of the fairy books Chari and her are forever bringing home. Very gorgeous! She didn't want to wear the bikini top... Little miss Riding Hood. Poor little thing has been very sick this week, and so everything has been a massive drama!
And Sam went as superspidertough guy! His day care mum took him up to the parade, so he even got to join in the fun!
And the three together. Man alive, trying to get three children looking at the camera without one or all of them pulling funny faces is an impossible feat. Believe it or not, this is the best of a very dodgy bunch! For some reason Natalie pulls that dorky face in MOST photos I take of her at the moment.
Mick has been busy in our yard this weekend. He got a couple of loads of gravel and the kids are helping (!?!?!?!) him spread it out around the yard...a couple of gardens here a path there :-) It will look good when he has finished. I am sure he has a plan, he just hasn't shared it yet!

Well, I am off to do some scrapping! Over at Direct 2 U we have been doing ATC swaps, and are now stealing the hot chocolate tins from the pantry to make tins for our collected treasures. If you are interested in participating in an ATC swap come on over to D2U, the more the merrier!
I shall post some pics of my little ex hot chocolate tin tomorrow!
Thanks for stopping by...enjoy your Sunday! Love ya!

Friday, June 27, 2008

I have been tagged!

By Dena my Friday Faves guru :-)

Ten Years Ago hmmm, I would have been planning my wedding, living in Hughenden and teaching grade pre/0ne. I would have been spending an awful lot of time on the phone as my lovely fiance lived 12 hours away!

Five things on todays ToDo list well, today is nearly over, so I'll do tomorrow...
  1. laundry (blerk)
  2. scrap (yayayayay!!!!!)
  3. clean (blerk)
  4. nap (Yay! But wishful thinking LOL)
  5. do a dump run (blerk)

Snacks I enjoy The shorter list would have been snacks I don't enjoy LOL My fave snack at the moment is french toast. If the world only had one food and it was french toast, I would be happy. Well, for a little while!

Things I would do if I were a millionaire HONEYMOON!!!!!!!!!! buy a house in Ballina near mumsy and dadsy, pay off all my brothers and sisters debts, buy a flash car and ummmmm world peace (LOL thought I should say something 'worthy')

Places I have lived Wingham, Old Bar, Taree, Lismore, Canberra, Hughenden, Mitchell and Mundubbera. I think thats it!

Soooooooo I tag Mum, Del, Danny, Bridget, and Jacqui

Five Fab Friday Faves!

Hooooo boy, Friday already! And what a Friday! We had our picking 'gang' back through the bank today...Over 60 cheques cashed by that group alone...we were flat out all day! So, anyways, onto the faves for this week!

Lookie here...I grew something! Through absolute neglect LOL I am loving having roses in my garden! Green grass! After having brown dead stalks for so long, it is so nice to have green grass. And it looks even nicer now, Mick mowed and did the edges this afternoon ( was dark by the time I got home). The whole town looks so much nicer with green grass.
I love packing the kids lunch boxes! I like knowing that they are eating healthy things while they are away from me. Luckily I like paking lunchboxes, casue the canteen at school has been non operational this term, and it is only going to be on one day a week next term!
Awwwww my pigs ;-) So country and so cute! (ignore the dusty ledge they are on LOL)
And my final fave is one without a pic....WINTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love love love winter! I love winter clothes, shoes, food, hot drinks, fuzzy blankets, going to bed and snuggling into my blankets. I just LOVE it!

So, link me to your faves!!!

Love ya, thanks for stopping by! (I shall be back to post book week parade pics tomorrow too!)

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

And its park day again...

Seems that the weeks are flying by! Wasn't it only yesterday that I wrote about our last Wednesday's park adventures??
Sam loves going to the park. And today was super extra more funner because he got to bring a friend home with him. We have Justin here to play today while his mum and dad are at work. These two boys play SO well together. They just run all day and are exhausted after spending a day together.

Today seems to be a 'dinosaury' kind of day. The boys decorated the tree with their dinosaurs, and buried them and rarrred at each other. Good times... And Sam going down the fire mans pole. I have stopped having a heart attack each time now...he seems to be getting better

Ahoy there mateys!
We weren't the only ones at the park, we met all our usual friends there, but as I didn't check with parents about pics on the internet, I have only put Sammy pics here.

I am printing out the big bad report to send off today. Wish me luck!

Thanks for stopping by! Love ya :-)

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Ask and you shall receive!

My wonderful friend Jacqui fiddled with my pic and made it look better! Yay for the internet and an even BIGGER yay for Jacqui!!!!!!!!
I appreciate your help SO much lovely lady!!!

So so proud!

Yesterday was report day at Mundubbera State School, and my girls did beautifully!

Natalie got a principals award, and almost all 'A's. Her comment from her teacher was lovely "Natalie always tries her very best. She is eager to learn new concepts, and is not afraid to let me know if she isn't sure of what to do. She is a pleasure to teach" .

And the principal " Congratulations, you receive my Principal's award sticker for your overall excellent attitude to your work and play at school. Your friendly smile is always welcome. Thanks you for being such a friendly person"

Wow! What a kid...must take after her mummy!
And Charli did so very well. Her reading grades were all 'A's, and she got lots of 'A's and 'B's. Her comment was lovely " Charlotte is a co operative student who shows enthusiasm for many classroom activities. She offers great ideas during class discussions and is able to work independently to complete set tasks."

And the principal " What a great start to your first year of formal schooling. This is a report of which you can be proud. Well done. I am particularly thrilled by your reading results. Keep this love of books going because reading is the most important thing to do"

:-D Not bad for the little girl who regularly needed bailing out of the classroom in her first weeks!

Thanks for stopping by! Sam and I have a Little Rd Riding Hood costume to make today....hmmm, never sewn a hood before!!!!!

Have a great day!

Monday, June 23, 2008

The next challenge...

For 123 is to scrap yourself! Yikes! I haven't had a photo of myself taken in the longest time. So today, Sam and I set out to take a half decent shot...hard work when you have such rough material to work with. I think I got one,
not a good one as such, but one that isn't terrifying (which some of them were, believe me!)...really wishing I had photo shop to fiddle with and make myself look like, well, someone else!
I took the shadow one in an attempt to scrap 'myself' without actually scrapping myself! LOL Not quite what I wanted though. Took a bit of getting used to the timer on the camera, hence the empty chair and the blur...see, I can be fast!
Then Sam...awwwww, so cute! So many of the pics had Sam's fingers, buzz or the cat in them. Seems that everyone wanted in on the action!
So, my goal is to scrap 'me'. It will be tough...I don't think I have ever done a 'me' page!
Thanks for stopping by!

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Random Sunday Post...

I have been smelling this lovely smell all day. I finally figured out that its ME! Yep, I bought new deodorant yesterday and its noice...

Micks mum has come out to visit us for the night. Her and Mick and the kids have all gone for a little stroll to the park. I stayed at home to cook the roast. And as usual, she bought a cheese cake *drooooool* , so its FEAST night at our place tonight! Wanna come on over??? There is HEAPS!

I have finally finished my assignment...well, I have 3300 words written down and they kinda make sense, in fact, I figure that its almost at a stage where I could hand it in and almost pass. Might fiddle a bit more and make sure its an actual pass LOL I seriously don't care if I don't get any grades higher than a pass. I am not doing this for personal growth, I just wanna teach again!

Oh yeah...I bathed the cat today. Hmmm, cats really don't like water do they? But he is now lovely and clean and he only gave me one scratch. Not bad considering he was terrified...although he does hate me now :-( I bought him a new leopard skin collar to try and make up for it (if someone upset me and bought me a present I would IMMEDIATELY forgive them) but he is still not talking to me. He did sleep on my desk whilst I scrapped though, so there may still be hope.

So, hope you all had as good a weekend as I did...I even got to sleep in this morning ahhhhhh heaven! Thanks for stopping by!

Saturday, June 21, 2008



As a 1930s wife, I am
Superior">Take the test!

Did these women need their brains and personalities removed when they got married???

How 'bout you?

You have to..

Go check out Dena's Friday faves...she was the inspiration for starting listing my faves, and you know you all love it!!! I love seeing her faves, in fact, I love it so much I am out of bed at 7am on a Saturday!

I think you need to list your faves on your blog and link me to it, go on, you know you wanna!!

Friday, June 20, 2008

Five Fabulous Faves For Friday!

Ahhhhh, another Friday! I really need to think of nice things today cause work was loooong and people were mean!!!

My first favourite for this week is the flowers my kids pick me whenever they go for a walk with daddy, they come home clutching weeds, leaves and anything pretty that caught their eye in the sweaty little hands. They are collected so thoughtfully...even Sam's dead leaves that he collects (and believes will grow into a tree if we put it into water long enough) This cookbook is a fave this week...its got loads of recipes that sneak vegies into 'normal' unsuspecting recipes! I now put pureed cauliflower into my mashed potatoes and white sauces. The cous cous with pumpkin is YUM (and I DESPISE pumpkin)...I haven't been brave enough to try the spinach brownies though....
I bought a timer this week, which means we can have slow cooker porridge without me having to stumble out of bed on these cold mornings at 4am to flick on the switch!
I LOVE LOVE LOVE getting a DT pack :-) (I know, I'll stop going on about it soon...I am still over the moon!) I probably should add here that I like getting ANYTHING in the mail LOL but scrapping goodness is a particular favourite.
And my final fave is picture - less :-(. I got the new Jodi Piccoult book to read this weekend, and although I haven't actually read it yet, I love her writing and am expecting to love this book...And its meant to be cold too, wonder if I can come down with a 'mystery virus' and stay in bed reading all weekend?????
Well, thats my faves for this Friday...I am working on a snazzy little journal to write them down in...I'll post a sneaky peak over the weekend, cause I know you want to see it!!! LOL
Thanks for popping in (heh lucky I re - read that! I had double 'o' in popping, which has an entirely different meaning!!!)

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Oooooooooooooooooooooh what is THAT I hear you all (yep, all two of you who visit LOL) ask...its my first ever DT kit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wahooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I cannot even begin to share how darn excited I am about being asked to be on the D2U design team. I only really started sharing my stuff about 6 weeks ago, and someone actually liked it! Amazing!

So, tonite, when Mick is at fire brigade training and the kids are snuggly tucked up in bed, I will be creating with my kit....cause I don't know if mentioned it, but I am on a design team!!!! :-P~~


Love ya! Thanks for stopping by!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

They could have mentioned the house came with a kid tree....

And it looks like they are ready for picking!!! LOL
These kids are monkey's. They LOVE climbing trees and will spend hours just sitting there making up funny little games....I need to get a wider shot of the tree to show how small it is though, cause its quite funny! And after spending the morning playing at the park I didn't feel too bad about letting Sam hang out for a little while in front of the X box
He doesn't really play. When Mick is home, they badger him to play cause they like to watch. Seriously, they will sit for hours watching Mick play car racing...they can't manage the controls themselves just yet, though I don't think it will be long!

Enjoy the grandparent eye candy!!! Love you!

Last challenge for Scraploot

Wow, 6 weeks of challenges all done! I really like the photo I have used in this LO. I actually fiddled with it a bit before printing it out, and I was quite happy with the changes!
I used the crackle paint again...I might have a small addiction *heh*

So that's it for today.
Sam and I went to the park with his friends and he once again had a ball! They get there and don't stop running and climbing and chasing. So good for them to all hang out together :-)
Thanks for stopping by!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

123 Dream Team Challenge 1

Soooooo, another challenge entry! New site though:-) The challenge was to create three cards using the same patterend paper on each card...harder than it sounds!!! LOL So these are mine! I am quite fond of these little guys!

Loving the crackle paint!!!! I think I need some more colours....

Thanks for stopping by!

Monday, June 16, 2008


Sooooo, I've kind of been stalking the mail man...waiting for some scrapping goodies to arrive, and THIS came! I assumed it was damn doubleday making me buy the editors choice again cause I forgot to send my little slip thingy back, but NO!

I entered a comp last month in SC scrabble, and WON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I knew it was worth making the fancy envelope LOL. I won 15 packs of cardstock...20 pages in each..that a heck of a lot of cardstock! If anyone sees me near the cardstock section in any scrapping stores in the near future...smack me! Wooohoooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If you are participating in the ATC swap over at D2U, shut your eyes ;-)

I made these cute little guys for my ATC, they are meant to be owls...hope someone else recognizes them!

Off I go to make something that requires a HUGE amount of cardstock! LOL

Some making...but not scrapping :-O

So I have been wanting some new hair do's for the girlies for school, ones that keep their hair neat and tidy and away from head lice (hopefully!) I remembered when my sis Clare was doing ballet and she had those cute little crocheted bun net covers. Of course, I couldn't find them anywhere (you'd think with all the crafty old ladies out here SOMEONE would make them!)

I decided they couldn't be THAT hard to I made two! And they seem to work really well! I shall see if they manage to tame Charlotte's hair for an entire far the only thing that seems to work for her is two braids, and she HATES sitting still long enough for me to braid her hair...little monkey!

And another Charli funny...She was chatting to Mick last night about mobile phones (yes, one of the kids in her class has a mobile phone *sigh) and wondering if he had one when he was a little boy. She was horrified when he told her that mobile phones weren't invented then and asked "Where you a little kid in 19 - olden days???" LOL

She's a funny little thing!

Poor old Nat found out some sad news over the weekend. Her bestie Perinne is moving at the end of the year. Nat is devastated. She really loves Perinne, and school has been made so easy for her just by having such a good friend. My heart is breaking for her, but there isn't a lot I can do...I so wish I could protect my babies from everything sad and nasty. Sending them to school is just plain scary.

Have a great week! Sam and I are baking a cake today and then going to play 'Robot Dinosaurs' GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR (That was my best robot dinosaur roar!)

Love you!

Friday, June 13, 2008

So, ummmm, who taught him that!?!?!

We were tucking Sam in to bed for the night, when he asked for water (as he always does). Mick obliged and came back with a little bunnykins mug of water. Sam looks at it and says "Oh, is this my latte?" Man alive! This kids slays me!!!!

Five Fabulous Faves for Friday!

First off, as usual, excuse the blurry photos!

I love when my kids first wake up in the, not the time they wake up...I love their mussed up hair their grumpy little scraunched up faces and their morning BO...not their morning breath though!
Mmmmm strawberry season is starting YUM!

I love makes me happy...I am trying to sneak more into my house. This weeks sneaky pink addition was table serviettes:-)

Oh my gosh...I LOVE parcels in the post, especially pizza box ones, cause it means there are such yummy scummy goodies inside!

I loved Friends when it first came out, and I am loving watching it all over again now they are showing the re runs. Every night Mick lets me watch the nightly episode while he brushes the kids teeth and washes the dinner dishes (and cleans the kitchen) This truly is a FAVOURITE!!!!! I really do have a fabulous husband!

Have a great weekend lovelies! Love you!