Wednesday, June 11, 2008


Apparently Sam likes going to the park ;-) Tobey came home with us after our park trip for some more playing...they had such fun! They holed up in Sammy's bedroom and made a huge mess, until Mick came home briefly for lunch and they talked him into playing X Box with them LOL
Another LO for
This week's challenge was to use pink, orange, blue black and white in a LO. Now I am scared of Orange, but I actually don't mind these colours together! I used a pic Sam and I took of ourselves :-)
I went up to school again today to do a bit more research for my, I am all over this research, its the actual writing up that's giving me trouble! I know I have some good stuff here, I just have to present it well :-( Which is why I am scrapping so much lately...avoidance therapy *heh*.

Love you all! Its off to work for me tomorrow for some peace and quiet and a bit of a break LOL!

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jacqui jones said...

oooer im off for a look a tthat layout
looks excellent
im hoping to get a start on mine tomorrow while dan is at home!