Thursday, June 12, 2008


Is all can say...I found some pictures of some ones scrap space and...WOW!

Amazing...I said to Mick that those little jars of flowers cost about $10 - $15, and she had about 50. I can't even begin to contemplate how much she would have spent to get her room that gorgeous and so stocked full of yummy yummy STUFF!

I have bookmarked the photos, so every time Mick says I have too much stuff I can show him *heh*


jacqui jones said...

that scrap room is insane...ive seen it before...there r some shockers on that site...pits of money lol, the worst one i have seen looks like a kitchen without a sink and everything is still in the plastic package it was purchased in lol
as if not at my house
thanks for your comment...i told u people wouldnt laugh at your work its beautiful

Pound said...

oh man, i'm glad i don't have that much stuff. how can you even decide what to use??? it would be counter productive!