Friday, June 27, 2008

Five Fab Friday Faves!

Hooooo boy, Friday already! And what a Friday! We had our picking 'gang' back through the bank today...Over 60 cheques cashed by that group alone...we were flat out all day! So, anyways, onto the faves for this week!

Lookie here...I grew something! Through absolute neglect LOL I am loving having roses in my garden! Green grass! After having brown dead stalks for so long, it is so nice to have green grass. And it looks even nicer now, Mick mowed and did the edges this afternoon ( was dark by the time I got home). The whole town looks so much nicer with green grass.
I love packing the kids lunch boxes! I like knowing that they are eating healthy things while they are away from me. Luckily I like paking lunchboxes, casue the canteen at school has been non operational this term, and it is only going to be on one day a week next term!
Awwwww my pigs ;-) So country and so cute! (ignore the dusty ledge they are on LOL)
And my final fave is one without a pic....WINTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love love love winter! I love winter clothes, shoes, food, hot drinks, fuzzy blankets, going to bed and snuggling into my blankets. I just LOVE it!

So, link me to your faves!!!

Love ya, thanks for stopping by! (I shall be back to post book week parade pics tomorrow too!)

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Dena said...

Hey Kirsty! Looove your list and what I love even more is that you are taking pictures of your faves. I have been searching for pics on the internet for most of mine. So maybe next week I will challenge myself to take pics of my faves.

Great list and thanks for playing along with the tag! I thought that might be a fun surprise for you yesterday ;)

ok off to post my list!