Wednesday, June 25, 2008

And its park day again...

Seems that the weeks are flying by! Wasn't it only yesterday that I wrote about our last Wednesday's park adventures??
Sam loves going to the park. And today was super extra more funner because he got to bring a friend home with him. We have Justin here to play today while his mum and dad are at work. These two boys play SO well together. They just run all day and are exhausted after spending a day together.

Today seems to be a 'dinosaury' kind of day. The boys decorated the tree with their dinosaurs, and buried them and rarrred at each other. Good times... And Sam going down the fire mans pole. I have stopped having a heart attack each time now...he seems to be getting better

Ahoy there mateys!
We weren't the only ones at the park, we met all our usual friends there, but as I didn't check with parents about pics on the internet, I have only put Sammy pics here.

I am printing out the big bad report to send off today. Wish me luck!

Thanks for stopping by! Love ya :-)

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jacqui jones said...

good luck

it was playgroup day for us
as much as i enjoy going takes so much out of the day!