Tuesday, September 30, 2008



Or Tricky Treacle as he has been nicknamed:-)

He is just SO cute!
Unfortunately he is also roughly the size of a rat...which Super Kitty would like to eat. We can't leave the poor little thing unsupervised, cause Super Kitty attacks...and not just playfully either. He grabs him in a death grip and starts using his 'back legs of death'. How traumatised would the kids be to see Treacle being mauled by big mean Super Kitty?!?!?
I am sick today **sniff** yep...pour on the sympathy LOL. Not really sick, just a cold...but colds in summer kind of suck. And I have to go to work for a few hours. With the kids.
Thankfully, Sam has a sitter today cause I don't know if I have shared his 'switch' fascination, but he loves switches, and buttons and levers...last week at the super market he found the switches to the freezers. Last time I took him to work, he set off the alarms (I work in a bank...false alarms, not cool...) My boss is pretty understanding about the kids, and I only ever take them when I am going down to do extra unscheduled shifts, but Sam is off the invited guest list after that last time *heh*.
I got word yesterday that my big uni assignment (worth 50% of this unit) which was due this coming Monday is now due this coming Tuesday! Woohoo! An extra day! I'll be home and hosed...I hope. "P's make degrees", all I need is a pass! Please God!!!

Monday, September 29, 2008

Woohoo! A winner!

Congrats to Chloe! I used my random number generator (LOL aka Mick "hey honey pick a number between 1 and 12") and he called out 10! Just let me know your address and I'll post out the goodies!

Thanks everyone for playing! I LOVED having so many lovely comments:-)

I am loving having these RAK's...might have to do them a bit more regularly!

Still not sure of a name...

But, how cute is he???? Sorry Sharon...I just can't call such a cutie patootie Soldier Killer Guy!!! LOL Can you imagine wandering the streets calling that name? LMAO! Its bad enough calling for Super Kitty! Luckily he 'answers' to Puss.

Hey, thanks mumsy for the info on ginger kitties! Handy having a whole library at your finger tips! I am impressed by your uber fast and comprehensive research skills! And I am teaching next month's class over at D2U. So here is a sneaky peek :-) Gosh I hope some people come along...its a free class, I will be posting a materials list, and then all you need to do is pop into the forum on the night and folow my amazingly easy directions...(well, thats the plan LOL)
Its going to be an off the page item...something to help the kids keep track of the days until Santa arrives!

I tried laminating those suckers up there, and broke the laminator GRRRRRR. So, I am thinking they will stay this way. LOL

Just FYI....

The kids and I are going to pick up our new kitten today...names for the kitten suggested so far: Marmalade, Soldier Killer Guy (Yep, thanks Sam), Sparkles Tangerine, Treacle and many many more floating around. I managed to track down a little ginger kitty. There is something about a ginger cat that makes me happy. When we went to get Super Kitty, we went with the intention of getting a ginger kitten, but we fell in love with Super Kitty's spirit.

I was told the other day that all ginger cats are male...anyone out there know if this is true???

Just thought I had better warn you that there may be some super cute little kitten pics soon:-)

Have a wonderful day...NSWers enjoy the first day ofr school holidays! We are already one week down WOOT! Our day is going to involve a park date with friends, picking up a kitty...then loving on the kitty for the rest of the afternoon.

Thanks for stopping by!

Saturday, September 27, 2008

So You Think You Can Scrap..

Well, here 'tis...my un - funky, funky LO for the comp over at Scraptacular This weeks 'scrapeography' was to use masking tape, rub ons, bright colours and to journal in handwriting straight onto the photo.
I used the masking tape as tape, then as a flower centre and then as a photo corner.
This was attempt number 2 at this round, and I'm still not happy...but am I ever?!?!? LOL I had so many ideas floating around, but this is what happened. I really can't 'do' funky'.

What's with the poll???

Well, Mick and i are currently having a bit of a disagreement...he thinks I feed the cat too much. At the moment the delicate little petal gets a small tin of food for breakfast and lunch, he has biscuits all day and then before I go to bed he gets half a tray of pet mince.

I bought a tin of tuna for the other day...How the heck can they know that the tuna in this tin is a virgin???Yep, it was flaked virgin tuna. I asked Mick thinking I was terribly funny, and he went all serious on me. So I brought it over here to my blog...where I can be as funny as I like...or not. LOL

The kids and I went to the park, and Sam had to stop on the gravel pile on the way to make 'Dirt fairies' (***heh*** his country kid, Aussie version of a snow angel) Ahhhhh, look at that little under the chin bit. It one of my favourite parts of him...so soft and cute!
Look at my babies...having a blast. I only took a few shots, cause then I put the camera away so i could play too! LOL It looked fun, and I couldn't play AND take pics!
Don't forget the scrappy give away!!! Go to this post HERE and leave me a comment to be in the draw!
Thanks for stopping by! I will be back later with my entry for So You Think You Can Scrap. *sigh* Its not going so great actually. I keep wandering away looking for inspiration and some funkiness. Alas, I haven't been able to find any (funkiness that is...inspiration abounds, but I am funky - less).

Friday, September 26, 2008

Five Fab faves...on a Friday TWO weeks running!

Impressive I know! LOL

#1 the christmas yummies that are starting to pop up everywhere..I am loving the Basic Grey Wassail (and may or may not have pre ordered these...you shall never know LOL) And the Bo bunny papers...so pretty!!!! All pinks and turquoises YUM! (I may or may not have these on order too...I figure no matter how much christmas stuff I get, there is a christmas to scrap EVERY YEAR!!!)
#2 I *heart* Google...and I thought it was funny to google google. heh. I was waiting for my computer to explode with the sheer craziness of it all...like if you travel back in time and see your self...or something...
#3 I finally got to see 27 dresses. Loved it. I was SO over romantic comedies, but I totally enjoyed this!
#4 I bought myself a cd this week. I had been visiting a blog that had this amazing song, and I kept visiting this blog and playing the song over and over, until it occured to me (I know, I know, I never claimed any sort of intelligence) I could actually OWN the cd. So now I own an Alison Krause cd and listen to 'simple love' ALL day! Bet that poor blogs 'hits' have halved since this arrived LOL
#5 Cheesecake...in particular cheescake from The Cheesecake Shop. Micks parents bring some whenever they come to visit. So we feasted on cheescake! This time it was white choc/milk choc marbled half and an apple crumble on vanilla half. DELISH!
Thanks to everyone for putting there name down for the RAK...I am feeling rather loved...even if I had to bribe you all! LOL
Link me to your 5 faves if you do them! i'd love to see:-)

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

200 Posts!

Oh my stars! Its been 200 posts! SO exciting :-) I figure its time for a scrappy give away:-) I know a lot of this stuff in the pile may not match each other, but I bet with it added to your 'stash' you could do something killer with it! I am still tidying up in my room too, so goodness only knows what else will get added! (three children anyone?!!?!?) And two whole packs of Core-dinations Cardstock. Thats right my friends...40 sheets.
So, all you Aussies need to do is leave a comment, and this is yours! (if the parcel arrives and its in a box the size of a washing machine, and there are sounds of struggling....its the bonus three kids, they will have officially driven me crazy Bwahahahah)

Thanks for stopping by!

Holy Crapoley!!!

I made it through to round 4 of SYTYCS!!!!! I am again wondering why!?! Some amazingly talented ladies left the comp this week, and I honestly expected to be gone as well. I feel like an imposter.... I just LOVE that pic!
This week's criteria is kind of scary...one of them is to use masking tape...I am a granny scrapper, this week's criteria calls for funky. So not funky. Ah well, we can but try! I am loving having criteria to scrap to every week! I am sure I will keep playing even once I am eliminated, its just so much fun!

Nat was awake all night with stomach pains. I thought she was better after vomitting through the day yesterday, but apparently not. So another easy day today!?!?

I also noticed that I am up to 200 posts! What a great reason to clean out my scrapping stash and have a scrappy RAK! I'll be back later (once I gather some bits and pieces) and post details!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Wanna make this?

Marisa over at D2U is offering a kit to make this album (price to be advised), and a free class taken by Jodi Dolbel will walk you through step by step.
If you would like a kit, hurry on over to here to register your interest.
Classes here are always so much fun...lots of chatting and making and hanging out...and you don't even have to get out of your jammies!
I can't wait..I am on the list :-D

Monday, September 22, 2008


more animals

Day One of Holidays

I know, wasn't it only a few weeks ago I was sharing about our last lot of school holidays!?!? *sigh* kids these days...LOL

We started our morning with a bowl of dry Nutri Grain in front of cartoons. Good times. Love lazy mornings. If we move to where we are thinking of, and I have to home school the kids, I think it could be fun!
And Charlotte practiced skipping. Apparently the tongue sticking out helps. She's good, Mick was mighty impressed when she revealed her wicked skipping skillz to him the other night.
On to some arty farty scrapping nonsense...

Its my effort for this months colour challenge over at D2u. Green, Orange and Cream.
Come on over and join in...you could win a $10 voucher! This pic was the first family photo we had after Sammy arrived. Charlotte was being a little miss, so was actually holding two lollypops behind her back..hence the huge smile.
Hey look at this good looking couple! No wrinkles, thinner etc etc...
And the title is inspired by our new family of 5, not some old TV show which I was obsessed with, no sir! Anyone else remember this show???Mmmmmmm, Charlie.....

So thats me for the day. Off to play some board games...or something!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

We got visitors!

Its not very often that people make the trek out to Mundubbera...and I can't really say that I blame them! There really isn't anything much to do in town. But Mick's mum and dad came out to see their grandbabies and deliver the boy's birthday presents!
I tried hard to get a nice pic...but the next two photos are just two of the many I took in which Mick is pulling a dumb face...he managed a different face for each photo, which is a skill in itself I would think!
Finally, a semi decent one of Mick and his mummy
Saying goodbye...I covet the next door neighbours garden. Thats not a commandment is it?? The wife is safe, its just the garden...
And my Charli Beth. Does this kid ever take a bad photo? She is gorgeous, old house dress, unbrushed hair and all. Just beautiful.
Have a lovely Sunday my friends and family. Thanks for stopping by! Remember if you ever want to make the trek to Mundubbera, we would LOVE to have you stay!

Saturday, September 20, 2008

D2U September Class....

Or 'The Birthday That Just Keeps On Going" LOL

I actually finished a class project from D2U. I attend every online class, and chat lots...I start the projects, then get sick of going backwards and forwards, and just sit back to enjoy the chatting!

But this time I was kind of dared to actually finish...so I did! Yay me:-) Marisa did a very cool job of the blind scrapping. Loved the directions, and love not having to think about where embys and things are placed...all the decisions made for me. Love it! A close up. Love those pins. I know I am probably about 2 years late in using them, but I don't mind being the granny scrapper LOL
Mmmmm some prima bling flourishes. I kinds of chopped them all up so they looked okay behind the flower. I have been busting to use these since they arrived!
Now the next item on my agenda..the kids new craze is making handcuffs?!?!?(they are made from those wire things that keep toys in the box, and hair pretties)
Tell me this is normal!!! Someone...anyone.....***crickets chirping***

Mick's mum and dad arrived today and with them came presents, lots of presents! Sam got the robot dinosaur he had been asking for. He was SO overwhelmed by the coolness of all the gifts that they gave him, that he just couldn't decide what to play with first...and for the first time since he arrived on Wednesday, Iron Man - the robot dude - got put down. Only for a moment though, he is now happily riding on the HUGE car that Aunty mandy and Uncle leon bought for him. So guys, have a great weekend...I am off to chat with the outlaws and enjoy a yummy fruit and cheese platter :-)

Friday, September 19, 2008

Friday Faves...

*gasp* on a FRIDAY!!!! I know, I know...I have been slack.

This week I am loving...

#1 ink..love using ink on all my LOs, love it!
#2 baby bonds suits. I have had a few babies come in to the bank wearing these (no not on their own, they had mummy's with them!) Love babies in Bonds suits
#3 Pepsi max. Keeps my head from exploding, ask my kids!
#4 White Linen perfume. Mmmmmmm, My husband got me some for christmas..this has been my favourite summer perfume for as long as I can remember. I usually have a bottle (in the fridge - so cold and refreshing on a hot sticky day) #5 teapots. I collect them :-) I don't have any as pretty as this...I'd really like to add a few like this to my collection...I only have bright modern ones, would love some antique type ones.
Thanks for stopping by! Be sure and let me know if you have posted your faves, I would love to see:-)

Thursday, September 18, 2008

So You Think You Can Scrap..

Really not happy with this weeks entry. Love the pic, but I think my LO let it down. Ah well, its been fun:-)
We had to use a 6x4 pic, so I seized the opportunity to use a pre digi camera pic. Love this little face! I have a whole series of these with all three kids. It was a hot day, and they grabbed the hose..I think we ALL ended up wet that day!

We also had to have an embellishment cluster, and this is where I started to struggle. As the pic was of Sammy, I didn't want to use flowers and butterflies in the cluster, so that left me with not much at all really LOL! Love having things peeking out from under other things:-)
And I used eyelets! I want to use up old scrapping stuff, and this is a start. 6 eyelets..out of about a squillion.
So, I am not happy with it, but it is done...and with guests this weekend, I didn't think I would get another opportunity to have a do - over...

If I get eliminated its probably for the best. My uni studies have been SADLY neglected!

I'd live long enough to avenge Del's death!

I could survive for 44 seconds chained to a bunk bed with a velociraptor

But really 44 seconds isn't too bad...I think I was let down by my sketchy knowledge of death grips and sleeper holds *sigh*

Thanks though to my siblings for my wrestling training!

Don't worry Del, I've got your back!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008


I made it through to round 3 of So You Think You Can Scrap.
This was the LO I entered, and I was blown away to make it through...the talent in this comp is amazing, and the girls who were eliminated had amazing entries too. I really had expected to be gone this week. WOW, just wow.... Sorry, just had to share with people who might understand how excited I am...Mick sort of smiled and said "oh, thats nice" LOL