Tuesday, September 30, 2008



Or Tricky Treacle as he has been nicknamed:-)

He is just SO cute!
Unfortunately he is also roughly the size of a rat...which Super Kitty would like to eat. We can't leave the poor little thing unsupervised, cause Super Kitty attacks...and not just playfully either. He grabs him in a death grip and starts using his 'back legs of death'. How traumatised would the kids be to see Treacle being mauled by big mean Super Kitty?!?!?
I am sick today **sniff** yep...pour on the sympathy LOL. Not really sick, just a cold...but colds in summer kind of suck. And I have to go to work for a few hours. With the kids.
Thankfully, Sam has a sitter today cause I don't know if I have shared his 'switch' fascination, but he loves switches, and buttons and levers...last week at the super market he found the switches to the freezers. Last time I took him to work, he set off the alarms (I work in a bank...false alarms, not cool...) My boss is pretty understanding about the kids, and I only ever take them when I am going down to do extra unscheduled shifts, but Sam is off the invited guest list after that last time *heh*.
I got word yesterday that my big uni assignment (worth 50% of this unit) which was due this coming Monday is now due this coming Tuesday! Woohoo! An extra day! I'll be home and hosed...I hope. "P's make degrees", all I need is a pass! Please God!!!


Kerryn said...

What a sweet piccie :).

Fingers crossed for a P!!!

Lauren said...

Isn't Tricky Treacle gorgeous!! Yuk about being sick! We have bought some lurgie home from Brisbane too! Feeling very yuk today - and tired...

Anonymous said...

So very precious! LOVE that picture!!

Joanie :)