Saturday, September 13, 2008

Friday Faves....

Late again. Sorry! I didn't know if I could even do them this week, I have had a horrible week. But surprisingly, once I sat down to do them, I started to remember things that have made me smile during what has been a not so great time! Cheap therapy!!! LOL

#1...LOVING the new 90210. But, not sure if it will ever be as great as the I LOVES Dylan. He was so bad, in a misunderstood, gorgeous way! LOL So...who is Kelly's baby's daddy??? Is Brenda Aunty???

#2. My days at home with my boy. Love being at home with this funny gorgeous little man. He makes me laugh and makes me want to pull out my hair. So gorgeous and so frustrating, but SO wonderful. I am trying to enjoy these days, as I know they are fleeting.
#3 we don't get them in these snazzy boxes, but still yum! We really only get Chinese once in a blue moon as its quite a drive to pick it up (the store is in the next town) but when we get there YUM! I usually treat myself when I go to scrapping class...and then bring some home for Mick:-)
#4 how cute is this??? With Mick a firie, I think it would be criminal of me not to buy this cute little scraplet!
#5 I caved this week on my no sugary cereal rule and bought this huge box of nutri grain. Yum! Its not been had for many breakfasts, but lots of late night snacking has been happening! LOL

So thats them for this week! Thanks for stopping by...leave some love...I need some extra this week! *mwah*


jacqui jones said...

im glad u did them, and it made you feel better..:)

the baby daddy has to be dylan

pink4u said...

Hi Kirsty!!
Love your Favs this week..
Your little one playing with Playdoh...awe...
Haven't seen 90210 although I used to be a big fan..
LOVE Chinese food...but I get the same thing all the time...Shrimp and Lobster sauce no onion!!!
I DO miss the cute little boxes though...
I really enjoy reading you Blog...
Check out my Blog later on today and I'll answer your one word questions!!!
Take Care and Have a great week!! :)

Dena said...

I keep forgetting to set my TIVO to record the new 90210! It feels blasphemous.
I hope you have a fabulous week and I am totally wanting Chinese food now for lunch ;)