Saturday, September 20, 2008

D2U September Class....

Or 'The Birthday That Just Keeps On Going" LOL

I actually finished a class project from D2U. I attend every online class, and chat lots...I start the projects, then get sick of going backwards and forwards, and just sit back to enjoy the chatting!

But this time I was kind of dared to actually I did! Yay me:-) Marisa did a very cool job of the blind scrapping. Loved the directions, and love not having to think about where embys and things are placed...all the decisions made for me. Love it! A close up. Love those pins. I know I am probably about 2 years late in using them, but I don't mind being the granny scrapper LOL
Mmmmm some prima bling flourishes. I kinds of chopped them all up so they looked okay behind the flower. I have been busting to use these since they arrived!
Now the next item on my agenda..the kids new craze is making handcuffs?!?!?(they are made from those wire things that keep toys in the box, and hair pretties)
Tell me this is normal!!! Someone...anyone.....***crickets chirping***

Mick's mum and dad arrived today and with them came presents, lots of presents! Sam got the robot dinosaur he had been asking for. He was SO overwhelmed by the coolness of all the gifts that they gave him, that he just couldn't decide what to play with first...and for the first time since he arrived on Wednesday, Iron Man - the robot dude - got put down. Only for a moment though, he is now happily riding on the HUGE car that Aunty mandy and Uncle leon bought for him. So guys, have a great weekend...I am off to chat with the outlaws and enjoy a yummy fruit and cheese platter :-)


Marisa Page said...

Love the LO Kirsty, knew you would finish it if given a push, lol.
Well what can I say about the handcuffs very interesting, who ever made them was very clever.

jacqui jones said...

love your layout
so very pretty and nice