Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Some updated house pics

Especially for Nana Piper:-)

Also, Sammy and I made play doh today. Sammy had the smashing idea that we needed to make play doh volcanoes and dinosaurs. To make these, we needed green, red (for the lava) and blue play doh. Of course we did. It would have been WAY too easy to just make one colour of playdoh....
This is the volcano with lava coming out of it And this is the dinosaur with its eggs

Here is the front of the house. He has now finished painting two sides!
And here is a finished and an unfinished side. More was done today, two completed sides!!! Hooray Mick!!!!


danndel said...

Love the colours that you chose for the house, looks great!!

jacqui jones said...

paint is looking great!
love the play dough

Lauren said...

Wow! The house looks great! I bet you can't wait til its finished. Love Sam's playdough creations. Lachlan likes making little boys - anatomically correct and all!! LOL