Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Having one of THOSE weeks

You know the ones...the type where everything seems to be going just a little bit wrong (like I just spelled 'wrong' wrong LOL) Not enough wrong to feel like I have a right to complain, but enough wrong to make me feel yuck.

So I haven't been around much. Sorry...don't want to be a Debbie Downer.

I got a lovely RAK from Kerryn yesterday, and found out I was put through to the next round of 'So You Think You Can Scrap'. I also found out that I won a $50 book voucher at the uni co op bookshop, so half of a text book for next semester is already paid for! Hooray! Had anyone else forgotten how expensive text books are? I know I had...I also know how 'useful' they are once you graduate. GRRRRR.

I have to work over lunches today as one of the ladies is off with a sick kidlet, and as there are only three of us, and two people need to be in the branch at all times, they need someone to do lunches.

I have also completed my entry for 123 challenge This looks quite boring in the photo, but its actually kind of cool. The scalloped orangey bit is actually kind of 'floating' in the outside border. So you can actually see through the holes and parts of the border where it isn't anchored down. I have to say, I am a little in love with my scallop punch.

Love this pic of Sammy and my brothers. So much love. Makes me miss my family even more than I usually do. hate that my kids are missing out on all that extra love.

Well, thanks for stopping by!


danndel said...

I think that there is something nthe air this week, that is exactly how I feel as well.

Hang in there its Wednesday which means the week nearly over, yay!!!

Love your LO, love that photo too.

Guess what I've decided to become a Kaszazz consultant couldn't help myself!!

Love you.

Kerryn said...

Hey great to hear you made it to round 2. Good luck :)

Lauren said...

Chin up! Congrats on getting through to round 2. Love that layout too - gorgeous!

jacqui jones said...

oh i love that layout
and i know just what mean...i have noticed esp when on the phone how much my kids r missing pa and nanny

Lyndal said...

Waving Hi Kirsty - congrats on getting into the next SYTYCS round & LOVE your 1,2,3 entry :)