Monday, September 15, 2008

Happy Birthday!

To my baby boy. Seems like only yesterday he was like this.... He was 2 weeks overdue, and quite comfy. I was induced at about 8:30am and he was in my arms by 10:45am. We were back in Mundubbera by 3pm. All very orderly and efficient. It was a special delivery too, cause my mum was with me...the first of my three children's births she was able to attend. (I hadn't wanted anyone with #1 - thought I might say swears, #2 mumsy was too sick, and so #3 it was, even though she was probably still too sick)

Going overdue made me cranky. Mick had started his leave on the due date. Mum had to travel over to Bundy (2 1/2 hours each way) to dialyse every few days, and well...I was HUGE! I tried everything to shake him out, but there was no rushing my boy :-)

He was a divine baby. Fed 4 hourly, slept quite well, and fitted into our family perfectly.

And now he is 4.

A gorgeous, energetic bundle of 4 year old boy!

He requested an army guy, I made one. Despite me reservations. I knew it would look hideous, I knew it was quite possible innappropriate...but he loved it!

Note the four year old grubby face and fingers...
He got a bike...which has been ridden a couple of time around the house..tomorrow him and I are going down to the bike track to launch it properly.
I tried to get a good pic of the grand present unwrapping, but he was too fast. I have never seen anyone unwrap presents that fast!

So all in all, he has had a good day. He had a friend around to play and have morning tea with, and announced to anyone he met 'today is my birfday'. He gave away a lot of birthday boy cuddles and ate lots of stuff he shouldn't.

Happy birthday my Sammy. I love you :-) You are the coolest 4 year old I know!


Kerryn said...

OMG what a cute bubby! And now he's an adorable 4 year old. How fast they grow up. Great job on the birthday cake - you know they don't care how it looks though - it's all in the eating!

Jacki said...

Sniff! I cannot believe he is 4!! He is so cute we can forgive him for being so late being born...
Happy Birthday Sam!
PS GREAT cake, I am impressed!

Dena said...

Happy Happy Birthday Sammy!
Today is my little sisters bday as well. She is turning 28.
Have a fantastic day :)

Lauren said...

Hope you had a fantastic day Sam! Love that cake and what a cool pressie!

And he sure was a cute bubba too. You've made me clucky now!!

Marisa Page said...

It looks as if Sam had a wonderful day for his birthday, and the cake looks yummy as well.

foxylady said...

Happy Birthday Sammy. You are the most beautiful 4 year old boy I know. Your cake looked DELICIOUS!!! Clever Mummy. And all your presents looked pretty cool. Ginny and Poppys present should arrive soon. We love you. Your Mum and dad are pretty awesome too

jacqui jones said...

happy birthday sammy