Sunday, July 26, 2009

What's Ad About?

Don't forget to pop on over to the What's Ad About blog and become a follower to win one of these cool prizes! Its so easy!!!

I personally reeeeeeeeally need some more of those Print Blocks albums...think I could try and enter??? LOL

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Staturday Scrapping:)

It was kind of a cold and miserable day in Mundubbera today, so I scrapped....

I made a card for Mick's soon to be 93 year old nan :) And a LO for the sketch challenge over at A2Z Scraplets
Using some gorgeous Bella! PPs that I got..only .98c each!

Another wedding one:)

Thanks for stopping by!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Friday Faves :-)


#1 this week is the movie Night At The Museum 2. Hilarious! Laughed and laughed...Mick even watched and had occasional giggles:) I love family movies that we ALL get something out of! #2 Family movie home, snuggled under blankets with lots of naughty movie type popcorn might ALSO be another fave LOL
#3 Seeing my kids gain confidence on their two wheels:)

They are loving themselves sick now they can ride without training wheels...and I even let then ride around our very quiet block alone the other week! I can't bring myself to let them do it again though LOL!

We go for a ride every afternoon, and they are just so pleased with themselves!

Even this guy....but he is happy to stick with his training wheels for a little bit longer;)

#4 The kids are also loving the dress up box. Last weekend they played for hours only coming inside to change their costumes....

And no, Sam is NOT wearing a box on his head its a helmet...DUH!

#5 would have had to be having my sis here.
It was so much fun...we pretty much did nothing, but I think that's kinda what she wanted....She left this morning, and I keep finding little reminders of on my camera...

She bought fingerless she could use up a whole month's internet download in a week type and still be warm. She was loving herself sick also...

And my computer is now full of random wierd pics like this one of Amy and my little bro Kim

And some wedding of two people whom I have never met in my life!!!LOL
have a great weekend guys...its feeling like a scrappy one;)

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

What Ad About?

A brand new challenge blog will begin on August 1st, and I was lucky enough to be asked to be on the CT! Its called 'Whats Ad About' and the challenges will involve both a technique focus, and also be inspired (as the name suggests LOL) by advertisements...and ther are some WAY cool advertisements out there!
To celebrate our new challenge site, we are kicking off with a little random prize draw! To enter all you need to do is visit the site and become a follower! You could win the little pack above, or a Print Blocks Album, or a Threading Water Punch!
What an easy comp!!!! Pop on over to 'Whats Ad About' and check it out...I'll be popping up a sneaky clue for the first challenge in the next few days
I also got a Lo done for the Scrap The Boys challenge this month....The title had to have the words 'A Real Man' or "A Real Boy'.
I loved this pic of Sam and two girls that I babysit.
Sam was quite happy to just sit back and relax and let them drive and pretend to fix the engine LOL
If he is anything like his father however, I am sure that this will change as soon as he gets his licence ;)
Love the new BG Junebug PPs too! So retro and bright (maybe a leeetle too busy, but *eh* LOL)
And a close up of my handcutting....I looove cutting out little detaily bits from PP. I cut that vine and also the flowers. I thought that the colours looked perfect with the Autumn leaves lying around in the pic (I say Autumn, but they may well be dead leaves my gardening skills are ZERO!)

Thanks for stopping by my lovely friends! I am feeling pretty special this morning after seeing all your lovely comments about my HM over at 'Shabby'. Thanks guys! So nice to have people who 'get it' to share my scrappy news with ;)

Big grin!

I got an honorable Mention for this LO Over at 'Lets Get Shabby'.
I am blown away....the talent I discovered through the entrants over there was incredible, and to be picked out of that talent pool feels pretty darn amazing!!!

Friday, July 17, 2009

Friday Faves :-)

Loving so many things this week!

#1 My husband arrived home last weekend with the first series of true Blood on DVD for me to watch. Loving it! (both the show, and the fact that he thought about me and bought me a present! LOL) #2 Have loved having the kids home on holidays. Having them go back to school this week made me realise how much I love having them at home with me:)
#3 Flight of the Conchords...this show just cracks me up....

#4 Random, but so much a fave of mine..polka dots. I love them. On everything:)

#5 time with my sis:) Amy arrived last night to spend a bit of time with us....I just love having her here...even if she uses up all my interwebz download for the month;)

Whats made you smile this week?

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Weekend Plans?

Come along and join in the fun! My challenge is first up...starting to get a leetle bit nervous!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Feeling a Little Shabby...

Scrapbooking wise that is LOL:)

I stumbled upon a new challenge blog last week called Lets Get Shabby.
The challenge this week was to use this gorgeous pic to inspire a LO
So I created this....

I was totally inspired by the soft pinks and green and the darker browns in the background. I love the ruffles and lace and so used them too. The beautiful ladies inspired me to use this pic of my gorgeous sis on her wedding day. I could also imagine that these ladies would DEFINITELY be wearing pearls...can't you imagine them hiding behind the fans?
I loved the fans, and scoured the internet to find a way to create accordion folded flowers!
Tutorial for flowers found here

I love them. my new fave thing to create:)

So 'tis again, cause I am 'clever' and managed to accidentally upload the same image twice *sigh*

Thanks for stopping by!

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Some Boring Scrapping Junk

Just a quickie...Hubby took the kids to Brisbane to visit his mum and dad, and I stayed at home...bliss. True bliss is a silent house. Seriously.

So yes, I scrapped (I know SHOCK!!!! LOL) Scrap with V Inspiration Challenge by Kim:) (hmmm, notice some nicely 'Sliced' letters there??)

And one for Sammy...
I think I am starting to miss them!

Friday, July 10, 2009

Friday Faves!

#1....mmmmmm strawberries....
#2 for some reason, I am a SUCKER for striped socks. I see them, and I MUST buy them. My kids would have enough striped socks for a small army of centipedes....
#3 am loving the look of the Basic Grey Lemonade collection. So pretty!

#4 Wholegrain rice biscuits...dipped in light cream cheese. YUM!!!#5*sigh* I really am just searching for a reason to put a pic of my boyfriend movie star crush on my blog, and this week I managed LOL I discovered Twilight 'fan fic'.

Now yes, some of it is bad. Really bad.

But I found this one that was good! Really good!

(and once more cause I *heart* him LOL)
have a GREAT weekend!

Monday, July 6, 2009

My clever babies!

Sorry guys...this is pretty photo heavy for the sake of the grandparents, Aunts and Uncles :)

Yesterday, the kids made a God almight mess of my house. So Mick packed them and their bikes up and took them out to his empty work shed. A HUGE slab of empty concrete that just begs to be ridden, skated and roller bladed over.

And the girls decided they could ride their bikes without the training wheels.


I missed it.

So this afternoon they took me out to show off their skillz...

Mick reckons it was one of those moments, when you realise that they are growing up before your very eyes...

And I missed it.
Thats right. I missed this mile stone so I could stay home and vaccum the floor

And no matter how I begged and pleaded there was to be NO dramatic re -enactment of the moment.

They are so mean

I can't believe I missed it!

You'd better believe I'll be following this guy around with my camera every time he rolls out of the house...

I am so very very proud...

And totally in shock that I missed such a HUGE moment.

Never again!