Tuesday, March 31, 2009

My funny bathroom...

*heh* between the Baby Bath post below, and this one you'll think I am obsessed! But no...I went to take a photo of the baby bath and was reminded that I have been wanting to post pics of my ugly revolting hideous charming bathroom for AGES.

When we first moved into this house, I immediately HATED my bathroom. I still hate it, but in a more affectionate way. I now know that it is SO ugly, that it is funny...

Mmmmmm acres of faux marble...
(the bath and walls are clean...they are just so old that all the enamel is gone from the tub, and its just always looks dirty...I have bleached it until I go dizzy from the fumes...makes not a scrap of difference)
Oooooh more faux marble...must have been on special in the19-olden-days (as my kids would say-Mick and I were apparently born in the 19-olden-days LOL)
And that mirror...sorry wanna-be-burgulars, its screwed firmly to the wall.

And along with the marvels of the ugly walls is the fact that there is NO storage space, so my towels are out in little wire racks.
And the tiles...look at them in all of their loveliness. Mick recently glued these down, as they were mostly loose, and the kids kept playing jig saw puzzles with them *heh*
So, yeah...once we have saved about $10 000 we will be re doing it. So, I'll post pics of the new bathroom in saaaaaaay 2030???
Whats your ugliest room...lets make each other feel better here...no perfect houses round these parts!


I bought this Johnson's baby bath last week, cause after going to the park, my Tuesday/Wednesday baby needed a bath!!! I smelled it, and was immediately transported back to Roma hospital, 2001. Just had my first baby. They had this in the showers for the mums to use. I loved it.

Its such a happy smell for me...I loved being in hospital, and I loved that 'babymoon' time. It was such a happy bubble for just a few days, nothing to do but lie around and love on that new baby *sigh* smells like this could me into a LOT of trouble LOL

Whats one of your happy smells?

Monday, March 30, 2009

I Wanna Camera Bag....



I am seriously lusting after these delicious bags... Jill e camera bags. I mean come on...they are GORGEOUS! I could take my precious baby and its spare lens everywhere if I had on of these....

But at $300, I am dreaming....

So I thought I would check out etsy...
This is almost close, but I keep imagining myself with a Jill e bag.... Maybe a bit 'nappy bag-ish'?

I like this pattern...but it wouldn't hold my baby...

And this just makes me wanna run out and get a cute little point and shoot:)

So, no luck, I'll just keep hoping my fairy god mother appears and grants me a $300 wish, and then I can get me one of these....
Fairy godmother if you are reading (or any random rich millionaires I know nothing about...) the Jill e bags can be found here

Ah man, just had the thought...the ghd cost as much as this bag. I could TOTALLY have has a Kevin Rudd memorial Jill e camera bag!

Sunday, March 29, 2009


I just wasted a good two hours trying to make a pretty banner for my blog....I give up...

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Been Scrapping:)

And boy has it been FUN! Did this one for the Aussie Pub Calls Roadmaps.... Lots of gorgeous colours and PPs from Cosmo Cricket :)

And I promise this is the LAST you will see of my chair LOL

And a peak at a Wicked LO....

Have a great Saturday!

Mick found this...

At this site....

Funny exam papers *heh*

poor Panda... Hilarious, the Professors notes down the bottom...'from now on, B is the new C'

Love the explanation of the graph! Who hasn't been frustrated in an exam and wanted to describe something this way???

LOL the secret batman formula!
Go check them out over here, heaps of funny comments!

Friday, March 27, 2009

Friday Faves...

Ugh, again I really struggled this week, between looking after my Tuesday/Wednesday baby, our house disappointment, and going back to work, I am almost too tired (and kind of defeated feeling)to appreciate the goodness in the week... But once again, once I started to think, I managed 5:) What a great way to start the weekend, thinking about some things that make me happy!

#1 my grand dad's chair. Its munted, true. But its oh-so-comfy and So chock full of memories and wonderfulness! My brother suggested starting a 'save the chair' fund LOL #2 I managed to get my hands on some beautiful Prima flowers and Mulberry stitched papers this week. Gorgeous, Made me want to hide in my scrap room and never be seen again. I wish Prima would adopt me...

#3 Twitter...another way for me to keep in touch with my family and friends...loved reading a conversation between my brother and his wife this week...I am hoping that they weren't at home and just too lazy to go into the next room LOL (although who hasn't done something like that before??? I often call Mick on my mobile so he will bring me a drink of water in bed *heh*)

#4 this site made me laugh...Such cool My Little Pony's!!!

#5 food related. I know, I know its ALWAYS about the food...green seedless grapes. Loving them this week. So perfect to snack and munch on, and pretty darned healthy too!

So, hook me up with your faves!!!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The Tooth Fairy

At our house, quite frankly, SUCKS. The last time someones lost a tooth, it took three nights and lots of gentle (and not so gentle) reminders. *sigh* Until finally the tooth fairy was let in through a window while the kids were eating breakfast.

I am impressed though, Last night Natalie lost ANOTHER tooth - she now has absolutely NO front teeth. Not a one. All four are now gone, and we all need umbrellas when she talks (the spray is AMAZING...just as she adjusts her speech for the lost tooth, another falls out!)

Anyways, she lost another tooth, and the fairy remembered to come! The same night the tooth fell out!

Thanks Tooth Fairy. Maybe our Tooth Fairy karma is starting to look up a little (or could it be that the tooth didn't fall out until 9pm last night so the whole event was still fresh in our memories..)

How is the tooth fairy at your place?

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

An adendum...

To this post....
The chair is perfect for tired firefighters who got no sleep last night cause they had a call out at 1am and couldn't go back to sleep when they got home....
(see the little baby board book on the stool beside him? He was sitting trying to nap amidst the chaos this afternoon - in addition to my own three kids and my Tuesday/Wednesday baby, I had an extra two kids this afternoon- my Tuesday/Wednesday baby dragged a book out and he and her spent a good 5 minutes snuggled in the chair reading stories...made me smile)
Everyone has love for the chair!
I could not would not throw it out!
(and yes, that is TWO posts about a chair. I promise, I am DONE! LOL)

Grandfather's Chair...

I remember this chair from when I was little. It was at my Nana's house. Bought by by Grandfather (my mum's dad) when he was sick. So, this chair is probably about 36+ years old. Older even, than me.

At my Nana's house, this chair had the best position in the lounge room. Right in front of the TV, near the door to the kitchen. Soooooo many cousin photos were taken in this chair. I remember thinking that it was enormous. All 15 of us and my Nana would fit comfortably (it seemed) in and around the chair.
When my Aunt moved from Gin Gin down to Victoria, we went over to pick up some bunk beds for the girls, and she offered us this chair. I jumped at the chance. I loved this chair. In the absence of my actual family being around me, I thought this chair would remind me at all times about my family, and it does.

But its age is starting to show...

The top of the chair is starting to droop...probably because for as long as I can remember, my Aunts would come into the lounge from the kitchen lean on the back of it to talk to everyone watching TV or playing in the lounge. It was SUCH a good height to lean on! And, as cousins got taller and too big for the chair and the arm rests, we got to lean on the back (although I'm not actually sure I ever met the height criteria for a leaning position LOL)

So, I 'fixed' it...

And then the splits that had been straining burst... and the kids discovered the joys of picking out the foam... I can't even imagine how I would go about fixing this...

And the foot rest. Look how 'wonky' (for want of a better word LOL) it is. I remember as a kid launching my smaller cousins into the air, just by sitting them on the footrest and the quickly reclining...I guess it took its toll...

And as gross as the chair is, I can't bear to throw it out. It is just too filled with memories. I know one day I will have to bite the bullet, but just not today:)

Its Tuesday:)

And this is what keeps Sam and I busy on Tuesdays.... We get a just turned one year old to play with and snuggle! So much fun, but gosh I had kind of forgotten how much work a one year old is!

While she had her ten minute snooze, I managed to finish my Scrap The Girls LO... (yeah, its was mostly done, ten minutes is usually only enough for me to manage to get into my room LOL)

Loving Bo Bunny PPs at the moment...Not quite how I saw it in my head, but what LO of mine ever is!?!? I am learning to just enjoy my scrapping time, and not focus as much on what actually appears at the end. Honestly, am I ever going to be happy?!?!? I may as well just have fun with it:) And Prima...flowers and bling flourishes...oh and the lace *sigh*
So thats me for today!

Monday, March 23, 2009

The Twilight Before Christmas

Hah! I love Twilight, but this cracked me up...

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Wicked Princess LOs for march:)

So, I was lucky enough to get my mitts on the gorgeous Snorkel kit this month for Wicked princesses....The colours in this kits are SO cool, and I think my all time fave part of the kit was the 'Prepare to be Amazed stamp'. I can totally see this stamp being used on MANY LOs in the futiure..super heroes, graduations etc :)

Ugh, all the pics have been loaded bass ackwards (as my eloquent husband would say LOL)

This was a quick card I made using the scraps...I actually made another, but have NO idea where the photo is for that one... And the funniest LO this month....

Singstar was SUCH a hit at christmas time. Mick even had a go despite rolling his eyes and declaring he would NEVER sing using THAT...obviously a few drinks were required, but his version of 'Burning Ring Of Fire' has yet to be beaten LOL
And love this fish PP...the little opaque fish are cut out from some file folders I had on my desk.

And the instructions for this one are in the downloads section of the Wicked Princess blog.

I also started working on a little something to be shown next month :) Using the February card kit from WP...you should check those card kits out! I made one LO and two cards with heaps of stuff left over! And the kit only cost $14.95

Have a great week everyone!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

QLD Election...

We just voted. Exciting stuff...

Last night at dinner we were discussing the election (hmm, sounds quite high-brow, I assure you it wasn't LOL)
I was whining because I had no ideas about who to vote for (I'm man enough to admit I didn't even know WHAT we were voting for!)
Charlotte said "I'd vote for Sarah Campbell-Brown"
Mick and I looked at each other. See we had never heard of this person, yet Charlotte was determined that we should vote for her. Hadn't even stopped to think or ask possible candidates.

Apparently the school leaders are being elected at school, and Sarah Campbell-Brown is one of the candidates.

I was sooooooo tempted to throw away my vote by writing Sarah Campbell-Brown on the bottom of my ballot (or 'parrot' as the kids were calling it) and putting a big fat '1' next to her name. But I restrained. And now, I actually can't remember who I voted for....maybe I should have just voted for Sarah Campbell Brown...

Friday, March 20, 2009

Friday Faves!

Oh my! Its been TWO weeks since my last faves edition, and I thoroughly enjoyed the no computer/phone time! So here are mine from this week...you can probably guess most of them already LOL

#1 Looking at all the beautiful photos from THE WEDDING. So many happy lovely memories:)
#2 Okay, so not so predictable is my file folder obsession this week! I seem to be cutting these opaque coloured beauties into all sorts of sizes and shapes for use on scrapping pages. I think they'd make a good alpha too.... #3 Yeah, back to predictible...my ghd. I used it for the first time today, and LOVED it!!

#4 Family holidays! Hah, I even like the dorky stand-under-the-sign-of-the-town-you-are-visiting-photos! A definite anti-fave though is coming home again *sigh*. We have been home for almost a week, and my bags are still packed...I am dreadfully lazy waiting, poised ready for action if we need to travel again at a moments notice

#5 is scrappy...these delicious flowers from Prima.

I may have stimulated the scrapping ecconomy just a smidge by buying one or two new blossoms...
These next ones I justified by telling myself I have lots of wedding pics to scrap...

And these I just fell in love with.

Have a fabulous weekend everyone!