Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Weigh In Wednesday!

Alrighty...I am slinking back with my tail between my legs. It has been two weeks since my last weigh in, and I have not been terribly good. I totally got BORED with the shakes and lashed out. Not in a big way, but in a 'have-chicken-nuggets-but no-fries-when-we-went-to-Bundy-on-Saturday' kind of way (between this and Weight Watchrs I am sure that I will never be able to eat a french fry without massive guilt and a feeling of impending doom). I was really just over the no carbs thing.

And I think it was a good thing!

I restarted my diet full of enthusiasm again

I am saying it was the blow out, but it could have also been that I tried on my bridesmaid dress last night and it looks awful. It looks even worse now it is short...but I digress.

I have lost 0.3kg (0.7lbs) this week (or two *heh*)

So thats a total loss of 8.6kg (or 18.9lbs)

But I realised last night that there is no way I am going to be a size 8 in two weeks time LOL


Deb said...

Yay, first! Well done to you Kirsty on having a mini-blow out and coming back to the no-carb fold. It gets a bit bloody tedious, doesn't it?
I am doing a milder version where I'm allowed a piece of toast and yoghurt and a trail mix per day if I really really need it. Plus I have discovered sugarless crisp wafers, they're rather nice....but sugarless, so you know how that ends.....!!
Well done on your've done so well!! In the last two weeks I put on 0.4 of a kg. D'oh. So this week I'm back into it and determined to keep going! We can do it!! :):)

Chloe said...

Well done on your loss! Everyone deserves a little blowout every now and then... it's good for the soul!!! LOL!

I totally know what you mean about the bridesmaid dress. I was bridesmaid in January- all the other girls were size 8 and there was me, at size 12, with a size 10 dress that had to be altered just so I could fit into it AND still breathe! I felt disgusting!!!

(Sorry, I just realised that was not at all encouraging or reassuring... pretty much just trying to say I understand and you'll be fine!)

Have a great time at the wedding... will miss you for the 2 weeks you're away!