Tuesday, March 31, 2009


I bought this Johnson's baby bath last week, cause after going to the park, my Tuesday/Wednesday baby needed a bath!!! I smelled it, and was immediately transported back to Roma hospital, 2001. Just had my first baby. They had this in the showers for the mums to use. I loved it.

Its such a happy smell for me...I loved being in hospital, and I loved that 'babymoon' time. It was such a happy bubble for just a few days, nothing to do but lie around and love on that new baby *sigh* smells like this could me into a LOT of trouble LOL

Whats one of your happy smells?

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Diane H said...

Johnson's Baby Bath is one of my favourite smells too.
I LOVE IT...brings back memories to my first 17 years ago...so have to scrap this...thanks for the inspiration!!