Saturday, August 29, 2009

Friday Faves:)

Ugh. Sorry about the lack of blog updates but this week has been CRAZY! My work has been purely horrid. Our manager is away for 6 weeks and did the powers to be think it necessary to replace him for the two weeks just gone? Oh they didn't *sigh*
Mick ended up in hospital with gallstones (he is getting a scan next week and hopefully the op will follow not to long after) and has also been out of town fighting a bush fire...he has stopped home once this week for dinner with us, but apart from that its just been flying visits for a change of clothes and a shower. I despise and loathe bushfire season.

And as you can imagine my scrapping and computering have been sadly neglected. I was booked in for a scrapping class today and have had to cancel cause, hubby and I am not entirely sure that the class would appreciate my monkeys climbing over them whilst they were trying to scrap!!

Anyways enough wining! onto the faves!

#1 I treated myself (and the house) to a Glade scented candle burner, and its sooooo nice! I currently have 'Linen Breeze' burning and its lovely!

#2 I watched 'Confessions of a Shopaholic whilst ironing during the week and loved it! I dunno how funny I found it as many of the jokes were a bit close to home *blush* But Isla Fisher is HILARIOUS and oh so cute!

#3 Pumpkin Patch parcels with new clothes for the kids...I got some AWESOME deals for the kids for summer and also some for next winter (jumpers marked down from $49 to $16!?!?) My fave bit...when you shop it actually shows how much you have 'saved' *smile*

#4 Toasted English crumpets with butter. Mmmmmmm

#5 is hearing how excited my mum is about going OS for the first time! She is so golldarn excited and happy and it is so wonderful! After years of putting off holidays and travelling due to children (I am the eldest of 5), finances (again, I am the eldest of FIVE children LOL) and then health (mum had a kidney transplant a few years back but prior to that was on dialysis for years) her and dad are jetting off to New Zealand!

I hope your holiday is a BLAST mum and dad!

Friday, August 21, 2009

Friday faves!

#1 These disposable BBQ trays...I love that i can cook something and then just toss the dish away...not good for the environment admittedly, but some days it is SO nice not to have to face the sink LOL I am also finding these perfect for cooking a few extra lasagnes and freezing them! So handy for those days when I don't want to cook OR wash up LOL #2 Alone time...I realised this week that the only time I have to myself is once the kids (and husband) are in bed at night. And I reeeeeeeally like being on my own. I realised that with my babysitting commitments now, I am again thrust back into the days were you can't even go to the toilet alone. LOL
So my number two is for those stolen moments when everything is quiet, and still and no one is asking me to do anything for them:)

#3 My glass cutting mat! I am ALWAYS changing my craft knife blades, so I bought myself a glass mat in the hopes of saving a few blades... it is now SO easy to do fussy cutting and fiddly little jobs!

#4 My new fave snack....steamed Dim Sims. YUMMM!!!!! I love that they are quick and easy and tasty!

#5 *sigh* My new celebrity crush...Shemar Moore....

Oh man, he is SOOOOOO pretty!

And well....LOOK!!!

On that note, have a great Friday!!!!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Project Fashionista!

Wicked Princesses have opened up registrations for their new comp!

Designers, are you ready???

As you know, in fashion, One day you're in, and the next you're out Are you ready to strut your stuff down the Fashion Catwalk, and become our first Princess Fashionista??

Each week for 6 weeks we will set a new challenge, and you will have to design your catwalk creation using the criteria we set.

The challenge will start on September 8th


  • You must register by September 1st to take part in this challenge
  • The first challenge will be posted on September 8th
  • You must create a gallery account (if you haven't already)
  • A new challenge will be posted each Monday morning, with the finished design to be loaded to the gallery by midnight on the Sunday.
  • No late entries will be accepted
  • All work must be original
  • Work is not to be submitted for publication until after the competition closes
  • A voting system will be used to determine who the top 5 finalists will be.
  • You cannot post your LO into any other gallery until the completion of the competition.


Each Monday a new challenge will be set. You will have until the following Sunday, 9.00pm to load your design into the catwalk gallery.

There will be 5 weeks of challenges, with a TOP 5 going through to our final round.

There will also be mini challenges along the way, with the winner receiving a rak.

Voting will done via PM, with your top 3 votes being cast. You will have until Tuesday 10.00am to cast your votes, and you CANNOT vote for yourself

The prize???

The ENTIRE October kit collection....thats worth $190!!!

So go here and check out the details!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Just 'cause!

How good does it feel to just dive into your stash, choose whatever you want to use and just play?!?! No criteria, no product good!

I am enjoying using all of my 'old' stuff at the moment. I tend to buy things, then hoard them for forever and a day save them for something special. Six months later, I can't for the life of me think of the 'special' thing I bought them for.

So I am using up my stuff, and its FUN!

I have enjoyed my one day off this week:) I scrapped, and then Sam and I cooked. He wanted to bake a gingerbread 'Kathy' for his daycare mum (Kathy) to give to her tomorrow. I soooo didn't want the hassle of ginger bread people, so we made cupcakes, Kathy's is in the shape of a star :)

The girls enjoyed a little trip to their school's book fair today. Natalie carefully chose a book about cats, Charlotte blew her entire savings on a fancy pen and then lost the rest *sigh* so we are planning on a second assault tomorrow...I loooooove buying books! Kids books, adult books, fiction, non fiction..they're all good;)

So my lovely friends...its off to 'real' work tomorrow...thank GOODNESS! This babysitting lark is EXHAUSTING! Bring on next term I say LOL (I have taken the last term off from babysitting work this year to spend devoted to hanging out with my boy before he goes to prep. I am refusing to feel guilty!)

Happy 'hump day'!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Sunday Scrapping :)

I woke up feeling a bit gross this morning...think the kids and Mick have finally passed their disgusting germs lurgy onto me. Thanks guys!

I did a few pages, but my heart just wasn't in it....

When I went down stairs to photgraph them, this guy showed up. Anyone else's cats show up every time the camera comes out? He was all over the pages, and I spent most of the time trying to shoo him soon as I had finished photographing, he lost interest and went to sit quietly on the steps! Bad cat!

I played along for the first time with the Little Scrapbook Shop Cyber Crop...

This is a pic of a certain oldest daughter who told me that I could only use this photo if I promised not to put her name on the inetrnet. So I am not using her name.....

I just love those Bella! PPs:)

And a card using Nic's PP flower tutorial :)

I also received my kits from WP on Friday and was BUSTING to get home and try them out! I love getting parcels delivered to work, but its sooooo frustrating! I just want to sit down and play!
I love the Little Sprout 'boyish' without all the 'Rough and tough' stuff...I just can't look at these pics of Mick when he was a bub and put anything about rough and tough with them! he looks so sweet!

So thats about it! Have a great weekend my lovely friends:) I am babysitting two days this week, so if you don't hear from me all week I have quite possibly drowned in poopy nappies and bottles of milk;)

Thanks for stopping by!

Friday, August 14, 2009

Friday faves!

#1 I found this website (its not new, just new to me LOL) That sells templates for the cutest shaped cards and printable stamps. Very cute...I am pretty certain that an apple shaped card is in my very near future;)

#2 Border punches. I *heart* them. I use them on practically everything I make!

#3 I fear the strawberry season here is drawing to a close. So I know I have mentioned them before...but strawberries pretty much rock my socks off. And this week we have been enjoying some of the last for this season...

#4 Love doing my Friday Faves and visiting my fellow fave bloggers:) Love reading about what made others smile! I also like that blogging my own faves makes me think about what has made me happy after what is usually a pretty suckfull day at work!

#5 Grainwaves chips....YUMMMMMMM!

So what made you smile???

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Scrap With V Cyber Crop :)

I managed to complete another challenge from the weekend's Cyber Crop! Jodi challenged us to create a vintage style LO using a pic of ourselves and some sort of vintage 'bling' She also gave us some inspirational pics to get us started.

Now being a little dim, I firstly whipped this one up....and then actually read the criteria LOL So I started again *sigh*

I only actually have three photos of myself from when I was little. I haven't brought anymore home with me, there are ALBUMS full at mum and dad's, I just don't have any here;)
And tah dah!
See my vintagey bling???

The backing is an old pizza box, and I am not even going to think about how this LO is going to fit into an album Hehehe!
Thanks for stopping by!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Scrappidy Do Da...

Scrappidy oh my what a wonderful day!

Not today (clearly, as I am about to be inundated with small children. I have one sick 7 year old my own 4 year old two one year olds and a two year old due to arrive any minute now YIKES!) But Sunday was a scrap happy day!

I made a card (I did the loading of the photos all back to front and reeeeeally can't be bothered to go back and change still love me right??) from the left overs... And this was a challenge from the Scrap With V make a card using purple and a photo :)
Another challenge...

And create a girly LO without using pink! YIKES! I *heart* pink....

Thanks for stopping by...wish me luck with all my babies...I will be the drooling mess rocking backwards and forwards in the corner this afternoon....

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Just Another Lazy Saturday...

At the Piper house....

With the Brisbane trip cancelled, and hence my incredible (but unknown to Mick) plans to shop till I dropped - spending my entire tax cheque in a frenzy of handbags, shoes and lipstick buying - I needed some alternative retail therapy to ease my soul (or something)

I decided I wanted a Jill E Camera bag for my baby.
No, I neeeeeeded a Jill E Camera bag for my baby.
I even found one in pink.

But $400 just seemed a tad exessive. I don't think my soul felt tortured $400 worth.

So I decided to take my friend Sharon's advice and search 'outside the box'.

I cleverly entertained the children (the one's who were well enough to be entertained, Nat was lying on the couch looking at us with her glazed, sick eyes) by daring them to catch a Currawong
I told them that whoever caught a Currawong would receive an awesome prize.

So they set a trap.

Every day these stupid frikking animals majestic birds, sit on our back landing eating our cat biscuits hunting and gathering as God intended.

So the kids placed a full dish of biscuits on the top of a bucket and sat waiting with towels ready to trap the birds. Talking as loudly as they normally would, mostly wondering why there were no birds landing near them (and pondering what the 'amazing prize' would consist of)....

Seriously. They did this for about 45 minutes.
I am so bad. I think this is up there with my amazing ideas like telling Charlotte that there are secret cameras in the school lunch area that film them and when we get their school reports there is also a report that tells how many of her lunches got thrown in the rubbish.
I should write a parenting book.
I am expecting publishers to contact me any day now.
And whilst they were otherwise entertained I found this for my baby.....

A nappy bag. That I like even more than the Jill E bag.

And it was only $150.
yep, my soul is soothed. Turns out it costs $150 to soothe my tortured soul. Good to know for future 'disasters'....

No Brisbane Trip For Us:(

Our trip is off. We decided that with a sick hubby and sick kids it was not sensible to be travelling to visit and attend a party for older people (Micks nana was celebrating her 93rd birthday)

Instead, I get to play with Ness and the girls!!!!!!

Ness always has cool prizes, all the challenges are loaded, so go check it out and get those creative vibes pumping!!!!!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Friday Faves!

Sorry 'bout skipping last week. It was a BAAAAAAAAD week, and I just couldn't do it...

#1 this week is kinda dumb. LOL I loooved this movie! I sat down and watched it on Saturday night and for a mindless violence flick it was kind of neat! #2 loving pawpaw ointment! Fixes up all those winter skin issues...chapped lips, dry cheeks, wind worries! I always joked that half of Sam's weight gain when he was tiny was this stuff! LOL
#3 am LOVING rolfazzi! Such funny pics...

Except when they are mean to my boyfriend Edward...LOL

This last one reeeally cracked me up;)

#4 Mick cleaned out my pantry. I won't tell you how much stuff he threw away because it was out of date, but its nice to be able to see what we tupperware has also increased as some of it was just in the pantry holding one cracker or something ridiculous!!
He must have been proud of his handiwork as I found about 30 pics on my camera...this is one section:)

#5 would have to be 'The Cool People Cafe'...

My kids have coooool imaginations!
Thats mine (and early!) what are yours this week?

The Cool People Cafe

My kids are under the impression that ANYTHING can be made from paper and sticky tape. (I have NO idea where this love affair with paper came from heheh) Not long ago Sam dissolved into tears when I was unable to help him create a functioning DS Lite using paper, sticky tape and an old cereal box.

These past two weeks my kids have turned their play room into 'The Cool People Cafe' Much discussion went into the naming of the cafe. They wanted it to be 'Cool kid Cafe', but this was nixed because they wanted mummy and daddy to be able to come. So clearly we are cool, but not quite kidlike....
There is an extensive menu....
Sam was unable to write his own, so he dictated to Mick. Which is how items such as "Chocolate Cake i like to Chew It" and "more and more and more icecream which I love" ended up on the menu.

They even created table settings...
Look! Plate, knife, spoon and fork!
There were decorations and a gift for each customer

Look at the detail....the fork even has tines cut into it!

So yeah...Mick and I have a standing date each night after dinner at the Cool People Cafe. I personally recommend the "chocolate cake I like to chew it"