Friday, August 14, 2009

Friday faves!

#1 I found this website (its not new, just new to me LOL) That sells templates for the cutest shaped cards and printable stamps. Very cute...I am pretty certain that an apple shaped card is in my very near future;)

#2 Border punches. I *heart* them. I use them on practically everything I make!

#3 I fear the strawberry season here is drawing to a close. So I know I have mentioned them before...but strawberries pretty much rock my socks off. And this week we have been enjoying some of the last for this season...

#4 Love doing my Friday Faves and visiting my fellow fave bloggers:) Love reading about what made others smile! I also like that blogging my own faves makes me think about what has made me happy after what is usually a pretty suckfull day at work!

#5 Grainwaves chips....YUMMMMMMM!

So what made you smile???


danndel said...

Oooh, I've been looking at the grain wave chips, will have to give them a try!!!

Felicity said...

I love reading your faves!!
I {heart} strawberries too!! Eat about a 1kg a week, all by myself!! lol
Also yes, those boarder punches are great and addictive too!! :)
Have a great weekend.

Tanya said...

I enjoy reading your Friday faves Kirsty! I love border punches too and can't seem to get by without them lately! Oh and strawberries YUMMY in my tummy :D

Mary Smith said...

Mmm. I'm a pretty big fan of strawberries too!

Kylie said...

MMMMMMmmmm..grainwaves & stawberries!! a girl after my own heart :0) Love you friday fave!! your CC work is fantastic btw!!