Saturday, August 8, 2009

Just Another Lazy Saturday...

At the Piper house....

With the Brisbane trip cancelled, and hence my incredible (but unknown to Mick) plans to shop till I dropped - spending my entire tax cheque in a frenzy of handbags, shoes and lipstick buying - I needed some alternative retail therapy to ease my soul (or something)

I decided I wanted a Jill E Camera bag for my baby.
No, I neeeeeeded a Jill E Camera bag for my baby.
I even found one in pink.

But $400 just seemed a tad exessive. I don't think my soul felt tortured $400 worth.

So I decided to take my friend Sharon's advice and search 'outside the box'.

I cleverly entertained the children (the one's who were well enough to be entertained, Nat was lying on the couch looking at us with her glazed, sick eyes) by daring them to catch a Currawong
I told them that whoever caught a Currawong would receive an awesome prize.

So they set a trap.

Every day these stupid frikking animals majestic birds, sit on our back landing eating our cat biscuits hunting and gathering as God intended.

So the kids placed a full dish of biscuits on the top of a bucket and sat waiting with towels ready to trap the birds. Talking as loudly as they normally would, mostly wondering why there were no birds landing near them (and pondering what the 'amazing prize' would consist of)....

Seriously. They did this for about 45 minutes.
I am so bad. I think this is up there with my amazing ideas like telling Charlotte that there are secret cameras in the school lunch area that film them and when we get their school reports there is also a report that tells how many of her lunches got thrown in the rubbish.
I should write a parenting book.
I am expecting publishers to contact me any day now.
And whilst they were otherwise entertained I found this for my baby.....

A nappy bag. That I like even more than the Jill E bag.

And it was only $150.
yep, my soul is soothed. Turns out it costs $150 to soothe my tortured soul. Good to know for future 'disasters'....


Anonymous said...

Hey chick you got something over at my blog !! Love that bag !! xo Tina

Felicity said...

I love your kids imagines!!! Did they end up catching the bird!! I guess you had 45 mins peace and quiet!!
Lol at the camera's at school!!
Great find with the bag too!!
Enjoy your weekend home scrapping!!

Sharon said...

hee hee ho ho! I so love your parenting skills - and whilst I may not have the imagination that you have (lunch security cameras? CLEVER!) I did indeed tell the the kids at the dinner table tonight that whoever could outrun their father would get a "prize" (one of them commented that they "didn't know dad could run!" Oh, that went down well with dad! hee hee)anyhow, kept em busy for ages wondering when and how they could beat dad and what the prize might be...

And that bag - the same alternative that I discovered!! Did you get it? Tell me all about it! xox

Katie Toland said...

love your bag. great find.

LOL at your kids and the bird. great thinkingt to buy a little quiet time though. I will have to remember that one.

:) Tiff said...

you will look so serious a photographer with that bad ass black bag. great pick up!!

foxylady said...

I honestly do not know where u would have come up with some hair brain ideas like that!!!!! I mean You were parented to perfection and never told untruths too..
Love your blog

Melissa said...

love your blog...i left u the same award as Tina, so no need to do anything for me...just wanted you to know...enjoy reading and looking at your blog...hugs melissa

Krissy C said...

LOL!Love it :D OMG thats the flashiest nappy bag/camera bag Ive ever seen!Its gorgeous :D

Krissy xx