Monday, February 28, 2011

Scrap The Girls :)

I loved the sketch challenge for this month's Scrap The Girls. It was also the perfect opportunity to procrastinate and avoid my studies!!!

Lots of layers and little bits :)

I got my favourite products out for this! My fave MME papers, my fave Pink Paislee lettering, and some Prima vines.
Its fun to just play with pretty things!

And string. *sigh* Woefully addicted to string.
Thanks for stopping by!

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Such a Precious Gift

Mum loved her 'job'.
It feels strange to call it a job, becuase I'm pretty sure she would have done it for free ;) (if only she didn't have to buy shoes and earrings lol)
She ran the children's story time and also the baby bounce sessions at her local library.

The kids loved her, and she loved them.
As a part of her job, she recorded a CD of nursery rhymes and songs for her baby bounce mums to play at home with their bubbies...practicing for the baby bounce sessions.
We had never heard it.
My sister tracked it down however, and my dad secretly burned us each a copy. It arrived last week.

I put it on, and sobbed.

It was my mum's voice.
Singing and interacting exactly as I had heard her do so many times with my own babies.
It was so precious.
So precious.
I could practically see her doing the actions and nibbling on itty bitty baby toes.

I played it for my too - cool - for - Nursery - Rhymes - now kids.

They loved it.
They cried, they laughed, they danced.
So so precious.

All I could think was how wonderful this will be to play to the two babies coming to join our family this year. (one due in 4 weeks, but who's counting?!?!)

Its not like her being her to bounce and sing to these babies, but its something. And mum, I promise to try and sing with these babies for you. I will tell them how Ginny taught these songs to me, and how she sang them for my babies too, and how she would have loved more than anything to sing them for them.

Thanks for stopping by. I just wanted to share this special gift with you :)


The Timeless collection from Kaisercraft makes me happy.

This paper collection includes 6 double-sided patterned papers. One side is creme vintage, the other shabby-chic white.

Its just papers, which leaves you free to mix, match and add embellishments depending on your mood!
I love the newspaper print. It reminded me of paper mache projects from primary school...

So I ripped up my sheet of paper and paper mache-ed my little heart out :)
So fun!
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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Get Picky!

I had a quick scrap today using the Get Picky sketch as inspiration :) I used my Storyboard kit for the month, so co ordinating patterns was all done for me :)
I was so disappointed, I was invited to go out and scrap with the lovely Lauren, but am still feeling too woozy to drive that far.
Stupid glands...what do they do anyways??? lol
I'll just invite myself out another day ;)
I love those resin so cute! I love how they kind of match the 1920's/art deco feel of the chipboard frame I have used on my LO.
And a banner.
I cliche, its just SUCH a GOOD way of introducing colour to a boring corner of a LO!

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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Still Stupidly Sick

I hate being sick
Really hate it.
I can see my house getting progressively messier.
The washing not done.
The shopping not done.
The same dinner for the past 3 nights.
My kids making their own lunches.

I feel so sad for them.

So the tonsilitis I had last week didn't respond at all to the antibiotics. I have now been diagnosed with Glandular fever. Again.

Just letting you know why I haven't really been around a lot. I have pretty much gone into hibernation. All I do is sleep, take the kids to school, sleep, pick the kids up from school, sleep cook dinner, sleep.
Its an exciting life ;)

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Class of '87

Thank you SOOOO much for your wonderful words for yesterday's post. Dads collapse certainly shook us all to the core. Your support is just lovely <3

This collection from KaiserCraft made me giddy when I opened my parcel :D
Its full of bright happy colours... And enough gorgeous vintagey bits and bobs to make me grin from ear to ear!
Its very *school themed* but soooooo versatile as well...perfect birthday card paper! These were made with just the 61/2' paper pad and some rub ons :)
(There were 6, but we had to use one before they got photographed lol)

And the pocket page? Perfect for school memorabilia!

I fell a little in love with the alphabet cards on one of the PP sheets...

And then stole some pencils from last years stationary rejects as a perfect finishing touch!

And I also made this cute little mini album, but decided it was too similar to one I had shared earlier to share on the KaiserCraft blog ;)

Love the apple...inspired by Fran Tynan
so cute!
Sam loves this...I keep finding it in his bed ;)

The envelope has a cute handprint painting...I have a record of the size of his hand at this age sweet!

These single sheet of CS albums are SO easy...see, just concertina the middle section and attach your pages :)

So, if you haven't gotten your hands on this Class of '87 Collection from totally should! Its awesome :)

(and you should see the Nan's Favourites release for NEXT still my beating heart!)

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Family News...

Just a family update for my own records...feel free to skip over if you are looking for scrappiness ;)

The other night at about 9pm, I just happened to glance at my phone.

There was a text message from my baby bro.

"Dad collapsed at our house about an hour ago, we got the ambulance, me and Amy are both at the hospital, we will let you know as soon as we find out anything, he's awake and doing okay...don't panic. We can't answer any calls cause we're in emergency" Shit.

That was all I could think.

My brain went completely blank.

I couldn't cope.

So, we sat (Mick and I) staring at my phone for the next 4 hours. Waiting for updates.

Kim and Amy were awesome. Kept us updated. Waited with dad. Called the ambulance. I don't think I would have been so awesome. I kind of fall apart at the slightest hint of an emergency at the moment. Not good.

So, after an ECG, CT scan and two lumbar punctures (poor dad :() dad was sent home with more tests booked for next week.

Am I worried? Shit yes. All I can do is pray that he will be okay. He seems in very good spirits. He knows we aren't ready for him to leave us any time soon.

And some GOOD news!

My little sis.

And her husband :)

Are expecting a baby!!!!

(the baby behaves better for the cameras than its norty parents!!)

So cute already!

I am stoked. I am to become an aunty for the first time next month (!?!?!?) to my brother and SIL's little bundle (I'm betting a boy...just quietly)

And then AGAIN in August to this little cutie!


I hope I can live up to the aunty standards that have been set by my beautiful sisters and SILs! I have no practice in this area! I've always been the grumpy-spoil-sport mummy!
And, she had the coolest announcement EVER...

For Christmas, she always buys all of the boys cricket tickets to a one day match in Brisbane.
So dad, got his envelope, smiled knowingly and opened it up.
He shook the card and no tickets fell out.
He opened it up, searching for his tickets.
He of course, completely missed the scan photo stuck inside, and the goofy grin on my sisters face LOL

I am so excited and happy.
My sister will be an amazing mum, after all, she learned from my mum...the absolute best mum ever!!!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

White With One

I got all excited on Saturday, and decided to play along with this month's *White+Brown+Vintage* challenge over at White With One.
Then I got sick.
All the LO needed to be finished is the alphabet title stuck down.
But the thought of getting out of bed to do one more *extra* thing made my head hurt. So, today when I wandered past and actually stuck the title down, I knew I must be starting to feel a LOT better :)
Here 'tis.... And my vintage items were from a little pack I received from Tallulah Belles
Just gorgeous stuff! These little coupons were in my pack...
As was this vintage doilie *love*

The photo in the LO is my little doggy, wondering what the heck we were doing as we all went back to work and school the first day back this year. She was so confused...after 6 weeks of togetherness she wasn't sure why she couldn't come along too! And then the howling as we reversed out the driveway...wowzers!

She has been such a good nurse dog too, sleeping beside me all day. Following me everywhere. She really is such good company!

Thanks for stopping and the nurse dog are popping up to the school now to get our babies :) Its our favourite part of the day!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Its Purple...

And I love it! The Magic Happens collection by KaiserCraft that is.
Yes. Initially I panicked.
I don't often scrap purple...strange? But once I started, I couldn't stop!

I love that its all co-ordinated and ready to go. No thinking, just scrap!

And i couldn't resist going all out girly with this range either...

My fave random snaps of the girls from years back :)

They make me smile...

And remember times when they WEREN'T fighting with each other!

Thanks for stopping by...we have been sick over our way...tonsillitis *UGH*
Whoever says you grow out of this, was sooooo wrong :-/ Mick and I usually end up with a horrid bout of it once a year still. This time was bad. My ribs and back are so sore from vomitting, and I still can't swallow.
Poor little Natalie ended up in hospital last night. We just couldn't get her temperature down. She was miserable. Its so scary to see your baby sick like that, even if your baby is nearly 10.
Perhaps I should have handed out face masks at the start of this post ;)