Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Its Purple...

And I love it! The Magic Happens collection by KaiserCraft that is.
Yes. Initially I panicked.
I don't often scrap purple...strange? But once I started, I couldn't stop!

I love that its all co-ordinated and ready to go. No thinking, just scrap!

And i couldn't resist going all out girly with this range either...

My fave random snaps of the girls from years back :)

They make me smile...

And remember times when they WEREN'T fighting with each other!

Thanks for stopping by...we have been sick over our way...tonsillitis *UGH*
Whoever says you grow out of this, was sooooo wrong :-/ Mick and I usually end up with a horrid bout of it once a year still. This time was bad. My ribs and back are so sore from vomitting, and I still can't swallow.
Poor little Natalie ended up in hospital last night. We just couldn't get her temperature down. She was miserable. Its so scary to see your baby sick like that, even if your baby is nearly 10.
Perhaps I should have handed out face masks at the start of this post ;)


Kerryn said...

fabulous work with the purple Kirsty!!

Hope everyone is on the mend soon, especially Natalie, poor thing.

Sandra D said...

So Beautiful!! Love those projects.

hilde janbroers said...

beautiful work!!

Kate said...

so pretty love what you have done with this range :)