Friday, October 30, 2009

Friday faves!

#1 fave this week is finishing up with my babysitting commitments! I have loved having some time with my Tuesday/Wednesday babies, but oh boy is it nice to hang out with just my boy a couple of days a week...I can't believe he is abandoning me next year to go to SCHOOL?!?!?!

Anyone remember this movie - it came up when I googled did some other images I will need to bleach from my brain, LOL you would think I would learn-??? I think when my brothers and sisters and I were obsessed with it it was called 'A Night On The Town'.
When I say obsessed, I DO mean obsessed. We would watch it over and over and over. My poor mum!
#2 this week is Lemon Barley cordial...SO refreshing!

#3 is my new October Afternoon 8x8 paper pads...just GORGEOUS!!

#4 My hot glue gun. Every year it kind of gets forgotten, then dragged out around christmas when I fall in love with it all over again!!!

And look at this! Made with hot glue!!!

(I can't even manage to hide my glue blobs on cardboard *sigh*)

#5 Is my new scrap space. ( cleaning up obviously...)

I moved everything out of our old lounge room into my new lounge room (we have had an empty room in the middle of our house since moving is now our lounge room) and moved my scrap room into our old lounge room....this also created a junk room!!!! A whole room for junk! YAY!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Some Scrappiness :)

The Twelve Weeks of Christmas countdown continues over at WP, with another gift suggestions for those teachers! Check out the forum for step by step instructions for this notebook I made!
And I did a quick LO in my NEW scrap room (!!!) for Puzzle Sketches :) Have a good day all!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Sunday scrapping!

Over at Wicked Princesses we have been counting down the 12 weeks until Christmas with a little Christmas hint, crafty share or gift idea...(I know, scary, christmas is gaining momentum like a freight train people, it can't be stopped)

Next week is teacher gift ideas, and this is what I will be sharing! I am going to fill them with yummy lollies and treats for the kids hard working teachers :)

So if you like 'em, the free step by step class will be up in the forum tomorrow! pop on in and give them a try!

Saturday, October 24, 2009

I remember when I used to be cool...

And Friday night's were full of dancing, drinking and friends...
Now they mean something entirely different LOL

Well hello handsome, what's in your ranger bag??? Aaaaaaaw...lookie...its a little sugar glider!
A shy little sugar glider (who doesn't like the flash, hence the super blurrier than usual photos)

So cute! Much nicer than the last occupants of that bag...two icky carpet pythons....I didn't take any photos of THEM!

So this was my Friday night...helping to find a nice spot for a shy little sugar glider:)

It might not be quite as cool, but it works for me;)

Friday, October 23, 2009

Friday faves!

Wow...another Friday had been and gone...I cannot believe how FAST this year has gone!
#1 fave this week is my new memory foam pillow. When I was at home visiting my mum and dad I used my sisters gorgeous latex pillow for the occasional nana nap. This led me to realise that i reeeeally needed a new pillow
So I got myself one...and although its not quite as heavenly as my sister's latex pillow, its pretty darn comfy! #2 made me laugh out loud several have got to go check out wedinator..

Like the whole vampire 'thing' at the moment???why not celebrate your undying love by getting the grim reaper to perform the ceremony!

Mmmm classy dress!


Oh dear....

#3 is True Blood season 2.
mmmmmm Eric....

#4 *sigh* yet ANOTHER facebook game..Cafe World!!! I am also addicted :(
There is truly no hope for me.

#5 is the Chair Latte's my husband has been making me.
Last week while taking the kids to their swimming lesson I stopped to get myself a Chai latte, only to discover that NO ONE in town sells these delicious drinks!
So my husband pulled out the coffee machine and my Chai syrup and whipped me up a yummy drink!

Have a great weekend y'all!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Next time I get proposed to

I want cake pops!
Check out this super cute wedding proposal over at Bakerella!
I mean, I want the same proposal-er, just a new improved romantic-er proposal! LOL
And I want a do - over with the wedding too(same husband), I wanna serve cake pops!

Monday, October 19, 2009

So I guess Summer has begun...


Mick is out all hours of the day and night fighting fires, and the kids have started swimming lessons!

Sam had his first lesson last week! He did SO well! His teacher is an absolute wonder woman :) She was so gentle and patient and both me and Sam (LOL) He has improved SO much in only three lessons. His first lesson his teacher tried to get him to float on his back (she was supporting him) and it was hilarious to watch...he looked like an ironing board. So stiff and awkward! (reminded me of the last time I bathed one of our cats hehehe) But by his third lesson he was happy to get in and quite relaxed!

The girls have started to learn actual strokes. Might make a nice change...often when they swim I can't tell whether they are drowning or swimming LOL

So I guess summer is kinda here...I say 'kinda' because Saturday morning the water was a delightful (!?!?!?) 17 degrees C. All I can say is THANK GOD I didn't have to get in...

I sat high and dry on the edge of the pool sipping my cuppa;)

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Okay, not only am I back to blogging...

But I had a scrappy Sunday as well!!! Life is truly back to normal after our little break!

WP are celebrating their 1st birthday this month with an awesome sale and a Cyber Crop! You have until Wednesday to get those entries in, so why not give it a go and you may win a little something for your troubles :)

My challenge was to create a LO inspired by this gorgeous cake... Here is my example (such a EASY challenge!!! I love easy challenges!!)
This was created for Krissy's sketch challenge!

And these cards for Kayla Renee's challenge (you had a choice of doing either a LO or cards... and as my card stash was running low, I chose the cards!)

We also had two little visitors this afternoon....

Mick and the kids did some research and found that they are King parrots...apparently they like our trees!
Have a great week friends!

Friday, October 16, 2009

Friday Faves!

Hey!!! Hello! Remember me??? LOL I used to blog here quite regularly;) I am back from a two week break and feeling GREAT!!! Ready and raring for my Friday Faves!!!

#1 These new 'Fresh Discs' Awesome! No touching anything icky, and my loo is clean! #2 Bejeweled Blitz. yes, another FB game I am woefully addicted to...

#3 Salt and Vinegar rice cakes...YUM!

#4 My vampire obsession continues with Vampire Accademy...Love it!

#5 my kids. Yeah they always rate, but this week in particular....
natalie quit sucking her thumb :)

Charlotte is just all round awesome :)
Sam got his 4 year old needles AND had his first swimming lesson! :) Phew...TGIF is all I can say!
I'll be back tomorrow hopefully with some scrapping as it is WP's Cyber Crop this weekend!!! They are celebrating their 1st birthday!!! Why not pop in and try a challenge...awesome prizes to be won!

Friday, October 2, 2009

Friday Faves

#1 am LOVING going to the beach and hanging out with these guys! So much fun :) #2 this advert...HILARIOUS!!!
*heh* love the end where the sperm is looking forlorn..."egg...where's the egg???"

#3 Looooove Big W photo processing this week! I got my 300 prints for 0.12c a print in 25 minutes today!!! SO much nicer than waiting...I am NOT good at waiting!

#4 Black Haviana thongs. I am kinda having a love hate relationship with these this week.... Four adults in this house this week and ALL of us own black Havianas. However, they all seem to go missing and end up with only one pair being found and then its a fight to see who gets to leave the house wearing them!

I reeeeeeeally want to get these

With the gold logo...but $40 for a pair of thongs????
#5 Aunty adventures! Each holidays my sister Amy grabs the kids for an Aunty Adventure. No parents allowed. Yesterday she grabbed the kids at 1pm and took them until 5.30...BLISS!!
I got this pic on my phone of the kids enjoying themselves :)

Ahhhh good times!
Only two more days left of our little Ballina break! I am absolutely DREADING going back to Mundubbera. Every time I go away makes me realise how much I truly hate that place....luckily my hubby is there and I am missing him dreadfully! He is the bait luring me back LOL