Friday, October 30, 2009

Friday faves!

#1 fave this week is finishing up with my babysitting commitments! I have loved having some time with my Tuesday/Wednesday babies, but oh boy is it nice to hang out with just my boy a couple of days a week...I can't believe he is abandoning me next year to go to SCHOOL?!?!?!

Anyone remember this movie - it came up when I googled did some other images I will need to bleach from my brain, LOL you would think I would learn-??? I think when my brothers and sisters and I were obsessed with it it was called 'A Night On The Town'.
When I say obsessed, I DO mean obsessed. We would watch it over and over and over. My poor mum!
#2 this week is Lemon Barley cordial...SO refreshing!

#3 is my new October Afternoon 8x8 paper pads...just GORGEOUS!!

#4 My hot glue gun. Every year it kind of gets forgotten, then dragged out around christmas when I fall in love with it all over again!!!

And look at this! Made with hot glue!!!

(I can't even manage to hide my glue blobs on cardboard *sigh*)

#5 Is my new scrap space. ( cleaning up obviously...)

I moved everything out of our old lounge room into my new lounge room (we have had an empty room in the middle of our house since moving is now our lounge room) and moved my scrap room into our old lounge room....this also created a junk room!!!! A whole room for junk! YAY!


Felicity said...

love your reading your favs.
I love OA too!! cant wait to get my hands some of that new stuff.
Have a great weekend,

Krissy Christie said...

hehehe your room looks like my old one Kirsty!!Full of creative gorgeousness!!Hey you inspired me to dig out my glue gun again with your tutorial this week thanks chickie!!

Ooooh your new papers look fab too!Wish I hadnt set myself a paper buying ban :( lol

Krissy xx

Marisa said...

You are so lucky to have your own room to scrap in, I have to share my space :(

Moira said...

Yay for the scrap room, not so yay on the junk! :-) Enjoy!!