Friday, October 2, 2009

Friday Faves

#1 am LOVING going to the beach and hanging out with these guys! So much fun :) #2 this advert...HILARIOUS!!!
*heh* love the end where the sperm is looking forlorn..."egg...where's the egg???"

#3 Looooove Big W photo processing this week! I got my 300 prints for 0.12c a print in 25 minutes today!!! SO much nicer than waiting...I am NOT good at waiting!

#4 Black Haviana thongs. I am kinda having a love hate relationship with these this week.... Four adults in this house this week and ALL of us own black Havianas. However, they all seem to go missing and end up with only one pair being found and then its a fight to see who gets to leave the house wearing them!

I reeeeeeeally want to get these

With the gold logo...but $40 for a pair of thongs????
#5 Aunty adventures! Each holidays my sister Amy grabs the kids for an Aunty Adventure. No parents allowed. Yesterday she grabbed the kids at 1pm and took them until 5.30...BLISS!!
I got this pic on my phone of the kids enjoying themselves :)

Ahhhh good times!
Only two more days left of our little Ballina break! I am absolutely DREADING going back to Mundubbera. Every time I go away makes me realise how much I truly hate that place....luckily my hubby is there and I am missing him dreadfully! He is the bait luring me back LOL


Felicity said...

love your favs again.
I love Havvies too!!
Have a gorgeous weekend.
Lv Flis x

:) Tiff said...

howdy chicky.
sounds like you are having the best of times.

foxylady said...

Hey I too love your favs. My black haviannas are mine cause they are bigger then hours. We love having you here.

pink4u said...

I am still laughing at the commercial!!!

All of your beach pictures are gorgeous!!!
Sounds like you are having a wonderful time. Enjoy!!!

Joanie :)

Carey-Life in the Carpool Lane said...

Great beach pic! Don't suppose your sister wants to give my kids an Aunty Adventure?