Friday, September 25, 2009

Friday Faves!

#1 Holidays. I think the kids are all just loving being away from Mundubbera! And spending as much time as humanly possible at the beach!

So relaxing and amazingly gorgeous! We even squeezed in a quick beach trip before the big dust storms descended upon us on Wednesday! We could see it coming though..very cool :)

They are busily honing their sand castle building skills:)

We are going to the beach at about 8:30 every morning and are home by about 10, so out of the sun at the ouchy part:) The only cloud on our horizon is that Daddy isn't with us to enjoy the sun sand and surf. The kids have been writing to him every day though and posting him letters, cards and postcards!

#2 I am loving the reusable calico shopping bags you can buy at Target. I think it is great that they have done away with plastic bags!

#3 having family around. It seems to somehow take some of the pressure off. Its so very very nice to have other people around the kids who adore them. They just love hanging out with their aunts and uncles...being the only children on my side of the family helps too LOL
Sam decided that he wanted to learn guitar (random I know) so my brother let him have a turn on his guitar...

*sniff* I don't ever want to go home!

#4 Loving the My Minds Eye "Oooh La La" paper kits. Both the female

And the male kits!

#5 Ahhhhh Target. My happy place! I just looove shopping at Target...although I have a bad habit of going shopping and then whatever I buy goes on special the very next day *sigh*


Felicity said...

love the fav's again.
I totally am a Target girl too! love there sales
Have a good weekend

:) Tiff said...

what great beach shots. so much love in your family pics this week. warms my heart

pink4u said...

I LOVE LOVE Target!!!! One of my Favorite places to shop!!!

Your pictures are so AWESOME!!! WOW!!!!!!!

Joanie :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Kirsty, thankyou so much for your sweet comments, they made me smile and what a great excuse to visit you for one of my fav reads, your Friday Faves, thanks for always sharing it is soooooo great, thanks oncea again sweet cheeks, Tiff xx.