Wednesday, September 9, 2009

You guys are awesome....

Seriously. I was feeling so lost and sad yesterday, and you all reached out and supported me. Thanks so very very much...When I posted yesterday about Neil and how we were all feeling following his death, I kind of didn't expect any replies...I was just putting down how I was feeling, but WOW...thanks so much for your comments and messages and phonecalls (mumsy!! All the way from NZ !) I feel so protected. I still feel sad, and lost and scared...but I also feel part of a lovely group of friends and community:)
You guys rule!
I just have to share what is on my screensaver every morning...(Micks' ultrasound, not mine...we are NOT pregnant!!!) Every morning it is there and every morning I change it to a cute pic of the kids....then it all begins again the next morning Yep, that is his gallbladder. And I am sure a few visitors have glanced at the computer screen, put 2 and 2 together and gotten 19 *sigh* I am waiting for the rumours to start!
That man makes me smile.

WP have started their Fashionista comp this is my example!

Does every grade 12 group of friends swear undying friendship and loyalty??? Surely they do. But then life happens and these people become strangers...

I played with the Vintage kit this month. *sigh* I adore vintagey LOs!!!
I decided to kill two birds with the one stone and complete Krissy's sketch challenge using the vintage kit!

And my soon to be 5 year old....
*sniff* I want my little bubby back!!!
Thanks for stopping by..and thanks again for your support. You guys are all sorts of awesome!


Dee said...

Gorgeous LO' is Mick going with his gallbladder? Any stones? I had mine out a few years ago - hope he doesn't need the surgery!

Hang in there!


beautiful layouts and I know exactly how you feel my babies are12, 8 and 6 and I feel a 100 years have passed since they were tiny smiling up at me, smell good (you know that baby smell...probably johnson and johnson baby shampoo!!! LOL) Imagine ow our mothers must feel watching their babies raise babies!
I want to say how sorry I am for the awlful time you've been through..its always hard to make sence of a sudden death. You & hubby are in my thoughts.
On a lighter note...yep you got me in with the old ultrasound pic, esp when the baby pic's are under it....then I read the post and raotfl!!!

Aga said...

I must say your vintage layouts look seriously gorgeous! And it's so true about how your school friends often become strangers.

Also I've just read your previous post... what a terrible thing to happen. my thoughts are with you and Neil's family.

Take care hon
Aga xx

Kerryn said...

PMSL I had a what the! moment till I read your post.

You do vintage so so well. Gorgeous!!!

foxylady said...

Kirsty we love you so much..hang in there God loves you all too...and Neils hard as that is at this time. I even tasted wine for you today

Jodi said...

WOW!! Congratulations on your pregnancy!!! hahaha too funny!!!!
Im sure the rumours will start!!
Awesome layouts!
It is amaising how much support we can get from visitors in cyberspace. I know in times past, little messages have helped more than people will ever know!!!