Monday, September 14, 2009

My baby

...turns 5 tomorrow.

5 years since this gorgeous little bundle was laid in my arms. He was 2 weeks overdue, but made up for that by only taking an hour to arrive once he actually 'started'...I had to be induced he was so very very cozy in there. And from my first contraction, to holding him, took an hour. No pushing. He just arrived. Serene and gorgeous.

And now here he is....
A bundle of fun....of noise, songs and of games...

Mischief and love...he likes to hold my hand wherever we walk together. He tells me he loves me constantly (but he doesn't want to marry me...he told me this, just in case I was feeling uncomfortable LOL)

His favourite activity is to turn every single empty box and container in the house into a tank.
He is not a fan of 'venchtables' and likes to get a 'Kindy Surprise' when we do the groceries. We make ourselves feel better about this by telling ourselves it's because he is so helpful and puts the shopping trolley away. Really its cause I am a sucker!
And, he seriously NEVER stops talking!

I just can't believe that these 5 years have gone by so fast. It feels like only yesterday we were impatiently waiting, waiting, waiting for him to arrive.
Happy birthday Sammy...may all your dreams come true!


Krissy C said...

Happy birthday Sammy!!

Krissy xx

:) Tiff said...

you have just journalled the perfect words to go onto his scrap page for his birthday.

happy day to the little man

Felicity said...

I big hApPY bIrThDaY to Sam!

Lauren said...

Happy birthday Sam! Have fun being 5!!