Friday, September 4, 2009

Friday Faves!

#1 is ice cream Splices....
Although Midori Splices are pretty darn awesome too! #2 is my mulberry tree...just starting to sprout little berries! Its so green and gorgeous :) We have tried to plant a mulberry tree in the yard of every house we live in!

#3 *sigh* suckered in by yet ANOTHER vampire series....I have started reading the House Of Night series by P.C Cast and Kirsten Cast. Sooooo enjoying it! (my disappointing story of the week? I thought I had ordered the 9th Sookie Stackhouse series and when it arrived I was CRUSHED to discovere I had order the 8th - which i already own!!!!!)
#4 I bought myself new undies this week, and I am LOVING them SICK!
#5 after our trip to Bundaberg on Tuesday and our encounters with some less than seemly public toilets (EEWW!) I am loving hand santisier!
I actually bought a bottle as a joke - I discovered that children had been licking their hands and getting drunk off of the hand sanitizer, and so one horrible day at work, I nipped off and bought a small 'shooter sized' bottle for us to ended up in my handbag, and got all used up when we were in Bundaberg this week :)
So thats mine for the week! Have a great weekend!



LOve ya knickers! LOL #5 what the ... licking their hands??? yick all kids are gross arent they!!! Love how their mother responds though!!!! raotfl

danndel said...

I love Splices too, mmmm yummy!!!

Daniel loves Mulberries, he often tells tales about Mullberry picking expeditions in Wingham!!

Felicity said...

I heart splices too.
love reading your faves!
have a gorgeous wknd.

:) Tiff said...

ewwww at licking hands and kidlets getting drunk. and yummy midori!!!!!!!!!!!!

pink4u said...

I would really like a Midori splice right now...yum!!!

Cute undies!!

I have never tasted hand sanitizer before.....not too sure about that..

Have a great weekend Kirsty!!!
Joanie :)

Anonymous said...

Hi sweet cheeks, thanks for your beautiful comments on my blog, you made me smile :):):):):):)):):):) Am loving your Friday Fav's as per usual, always soooooo inspiring. I need new undies too, these look divine and I never leave home without the hand sanitizer, I'm a germ freak from waaaaaaaay back and I could go one of those Midori Splices about now too, catch you later chickie babe, Tiff :o)

kathie said...

Yum, splices and midori. In fact, a midori splice would just be heaven :).
I'm glad I'm not the only one who has three or four half empty packs of the same letter stickers ;)