Friday, September 18, 2009

Friday Faves!

Woohoo! Its FRIDAY!!!! And starting today I am off work for TWO WEEKS!!!
#1 is my Farm Town Mansion! I finally finally got one! #2 Mick's 'gallstone situation' has encouraged me to explore lots of new ways of cooking low fat. One of our whole family's new faves is fish! I have always been a little scared of cooking fish as I had no clue how to prepare it...but its so quick and easy...I wrap it in foil with onion, garlic and lemon and its done in no time at all! The kids are LOVING it!

#3 I just love coming home. I love just being here, and hibernating:)
#4 Spring Cleaning! I have been a cleaning fool the past few weeks. Everything has been scrubbed and washed and wiped down. I don't actually enjoy the process, so much as the results!

#5 School particular school holidays which I also have as holidays meaning no stressing about babysitters whilst I work :) Just some wonderful time hanging out with my favourite people!

Thanks for stopping by!


danndel said...

I will have to try your fish dish on Daniel, he likes fish!!

I also totally agree with you on the spring cleaning, its all about the results :)

Hope you have a lovely holiday!!

Felicity said...

I always love reading your Friday Fav's!
Just great!! Ya for school holidays! x

Moira said...

Totally with you on the cleaning, love the results, hate the process :-) And yay for your daughter's NAPLAN results! I'm a teacher too, can't stand the tests, but still manage to feel a little chuffed when one of my students does particularly well...