Sunday, August 31, 2008

Its September tomorrow!!!

That means some new making in the gallery at D2U! Love the first days of the new month...all those new challenges and things that I have the best intentions of doing, but somehow never get done. Ahhhhhh, you never know, this month might be MY month! Bwahahahah!

Here's a sneak peek at one of my DT makings for D2U :-) Come on over and check out the gallery in the next few days! I also heard Marisa talking about some new products *grin*. Love me some new goodies!

Lazy Sunday...

This is the main street of mundubbera on a Sunday afternoon. Now believe it or not, this is a busy Sunday...there is a new exhibit in the art gallery being put together so most of the cars in the middle wouldn't be here on a 'normal' Sunday. Mick and I took the kids down to the park to try and get rid of some kid energy that was bumping off the walls at home...I love this drink fountain...
The girls showed off their climbing skills, despite being told they were on their own if they fell..
Awwww mummy cuddles...this is the only photo of my head...the rest of the shots Mick took of me involve a lot of chest shots for some reason!?!?
My cheeky girly! Ooooh look at the pool in the background. Its got water in it again, so I am guessing its almost swimming time again! This year, I vow to get that boy of mine in the water!
Heh, these two...
Watch out London olympics...three little gymnasts in training:-)
Well, have a great week my lovely family and friends, I have an assignment due this week that is sadly neglected. I think Mick is going to have the boy while I make a really good start tomorrow. At least thats my plan...
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Saturday, August 30, 2008

D2U Colour challenge

The Direct2U Scrapping colour challenge this month is YUMMY! Pink, teal and black. Love those colours together. You still have all of Lazy Sunday to get an entry in!!! When I read that combo, this was the PP that first popped into my head. How gorgeous...and of course its from THE KIT! lol

So that's it.....

I really wanted a pic of me with all of my sisters (but we all know that Clare only does funny faced ones lol) and my sis in laws, who are just as good as real sisters, but don't know all of the deep dark secrets - just most of them! So are booked next time I see you for a photo shoot! Yes crossing eyes, poking tongues or any funny business! I want a LO of you and me looking HOTTAH!

Friday, August 29, 2008

Friday faves....

Oh man...I can't believe its friday again!!!! I sat down, and had no clue what my faves were going to be this week, and as I concentrated (yes, it did hurt!) I had so many come to me! I had to keep getting up to take pics! Thank goodness I am doing this list, or some weeks I may forget to look for the cool things in life!

Fave#1 is could I not mention THE KIT!?!?!? Ahhh there are so many faves in there I can't even begin to list them...Thickers, MM noteworthy, prima, felt YUM! Fave #2 is also scrappy...sorry guys! Its my new Threading Water punch. It only arrived today and is still in its packet. Mmmmmm, gonna have me a fun play this weekend!
Fave#3 is a whole differnt thing...and possibly quite sad and boring (although not quite as sad and boring as my kitty litter fetish from a few weeks back LOL) This Vanilla bench spray is great! I clean the benches and people think I have been baking!
#4 *heh* I may sneak this in for the next few Fridays....
Fave family! Now I don't have photos of them all, so I shall leave you with a few from the Bridesmaid shopping adventure!
Clare...yes, she does this in MOST photos. Trying to get a good photo of this gorgeous girl is nigh on impossible!
And my mummy with the girlies!
The only way this trip could have been better is if everyone could have been there. Dad, Dan, Del, Kimmy and Bethy (Shane was there, but not commited to the shopping LOL)

Ahhhh, I miss you guys SO much!

Love ya, thanks for stopping by! (link me up to your faves! I see my mumsy has done hers!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Oh, and....

I have decided to resign from Addicted 2 Scrapping. I met some grea t ladies through this site, and am amazed that I was even considered to be even 1/100 as talented as they are.

Happy happy joy joy!!!!

After the looooooooooong camp out beside the mail box, my Studio Calico kit has arrived all the way from the US!!!!!
It was packaged all pretty, each little kit (I bought the main kit and two add ons) came in a paper bag with a little sticker on it. It was fun just to open it! Oh oh oh!!!!! Looky!!!!! The colours, the smell...the THICKERS!

Oh my, look at the Prima brads!!!!!
And all that paper!!!!! So many sheets, so many possibilities!

And wouldn't you know, this parcel arrived on the exact same day that they announce next month's kit! Bwahahahah!!!!! My poor little credit card!
Love ya, thanks for stopping by and sharing my scrappy excitement!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

The Bridesmaid shopping adventure!

Well, after a bit of a change in plans(Sam was supposed to be coming with me, but could not be torn from his daddy or the X-Box), Natalie and I set off for Brisbane in search of the elusive perfect Bridesmaid dress.... We met up at Clare's house. Just as I pulled into Clare's driveway, mum and Amy pulled in behind us! What great timing! Poor Shane looked thoroughly overwhelmed by the arrival of three additional females, all chattering and trying to catch up in the first 5 minutes, so we went off in search of dinner.

Plan 'A' was a cheap Thai takeaway....which I liked, because I was dressed in my best tracky pants and daggy jumper. I had driven for 5 hours, and had no make up. Not pretty.

When suddenly Plan 'B' was hatched! Lets go to Sizzler!!!!!!!

Yep, so my daggy tracksuit and I went to Sizzler. And scared lots of people. I am sure people stayed away from me cause I looked like the sort of person who would stab your hand to get the last potato wedge....

Oh the excitement of the Sizzler goodness!!!

despite my scary attire, dinner was fun! Love spending time with my family...the only possible way this could have been better would have been is ALL the family couls have been there...not sure if they would have shooped with the same level of commitment the next day though.

Luckily this is not how we slept. Nat and I shotgunned the bed, leaving mum and Amy to sleep...umm, not sure where....

And after a good night's sleep we left to search for THE dress...we left home at 9.30am, and got back to Clare's at 6.30pm. *sigh* and guess where we will be buying the dress???


Sunday, August 24, 2008

Goodbye, for a little while!

I am off to Brissy to meet up with my mum and two sisters for some girlie Bridesmaid dress time. I am looking forward to seeing some of my family, but definitely not looking forward to the shopping! I am far too old, fat and ugly to be shoved into a bridesmaid dress!!!

before I go, some making...My fun challenge at Addicted2scrapping is to use circles on a LO. Do this and get it into the gallery before Sunday and you could win a $25 voucher! Just cause I loves ya! (the kids will be helping me to decide the winner..they have impecable taste, they think my LOs are great!!LOL)

I am kinda scraed of circles...they look kind of Creative Memories - ish, but I don't mind this LO. I am trying to conquer my fear... A sneaky peek for my DT stuff for September for D2U. Yep, that there is some fairy lights! Woohooo! The kids think its christmas time already!
And this mysterious snap....
What is it?

Well, as part of Mick's firefighting gig, he volunteers to go out to the airstrip in the middle of the night (when required) to turn on the airstrip lights for the Flying Doctor to land. This was the plane landing, and the best of the 27 photos that he took LOL.

After our experiences with Sam and having to get flown out by the Flying Doctor, I think its great we can do a little something to help out in return. They really rock!

So, I will be gone for a few days...don't miss me too much!

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Saturday, August 23, 2008

Friday, August 22, 2008

Five Fab Faves! (and a sick girlie:-()

Poor Charli is sick...look at my poor little blossom... Now, onto the faves!!!

#1 the kids artistic creations...this little guy here is a lizard, created at day care by Sammo! Mind you, I hate hanging onto these things, and after I make the appropriate 'ooooohs' and 'aaaaah's, and perhaps snap a few pics, they usually get tossed in the rubbish *blush*
#2...Competition wins! What a cool way to get happy mail! The Fiskars blog had a comp running a while back, and all I did was leave a comment..I won this cute little box of vellum flowers!
Mick came down to work yesterday and mentioned that there was a parcel from new Zealand...I vowed I hadn't ordered anything from New Zealand....I don't think he believed me....
#3. I am obsessed by these passionfruit squares...LOVE them! I am not particularly a fan of home baked stuff...cause I get sick of doind the baking. Love me some heavily processed baked goods!
#4 mmmmm sunset. Love the pretty colours. There is nothing like these colours outside of nature.
#5 is naturally my baby. My new camera. It hasn't magically given me skillz overnight, but my snaps are improving. LOVE it!
Thanks guys, thats mine for this week...give it a go, and let me see!

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Thursday, August 21, 2008

A random post, with random pics...

Still enjoying the camera...but apparently its not actually my camera. There was a mix up, and we got the wrong one...soooooo, we are allowed to use this one until my other one comes in. Same model etc, but with extra doodads (yep, technical photographic term)

Here's my boy and the new baby Jesus. Not sure why he changed, or why all babies are Baby Jesus, but its kinda cute!These shoes make me laugh...even more than crocs...
And cause I miss them all A LOT... my family. Love you guys...
And best news EVER! (well, this week anyways) I have cut back my study commitments by half. Instead of trying to do two units this semester, I have cut back to one, and feel MUCH better about it. I was stressing to the point where i couldn't even begin to do the work, so was really just treading water anyway. So this will now take longer, but thats okay. My husband is happy, my kids are happy and I am happy...all good!
So, thanks for stopping by!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Some pics, and a house painting update...

Look at these!!! I don't think I have managed to get an in focus photo of this child since he learned to walk! HOORAY for Vibration reduction! I had no idea that this was even invented!!! I think this camera is going to be fun! (please also note the delightful bathroom tiles in the background..I really must share the delights of my hideous bathroom another day...) Hmmm, so that night we had tacoes for dinner....but look at the colours people!!! These were taken at night!
Back to the, this is not ours, this is right next door...what we have to live next to. Its gorgeous, and I have house envy...this is why ours NEEDS to be painted...
Yep, this is ours, all patchworky and ugly. mick has been amazing. He has sanded and prepped two sides, and is actually painting today! I know, I know...I would share which colour we are painting, but I really can't remember what we chose....

Heh, more patchwork...cause colours look different in different lights....apparently. And cause many people walk past our house on the way to get to the bank, I have had many comments about the colours. It would seem everyone in town has an opinion...if I had $1 for every comment I got just last week whilst at work, I could retire LOL. I haven't had this many house comments since we took down the front fence...ahhhhh, the joys of small town living! And some this is bad. i would fall in love with a colour painted out the back and we'd try it out the front and I would hate it. I hate this...
And these are the sample pots we bought yesterday. Yep, one days worth...Mick has been alternating between the two hardware stores so he doesn't get mocked any more than he already has. Each store has made comments about the amount we have bought...little do they know!!!!
Bwahahahahahah!!!!! So thats me for today! I am off to the school to try and get some uni stuff done. SO over uni.
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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

I want these...

I don't like being touched...and I especially don't like to be touched when I am sleeping....God helps the person who wakes me up! (the kids now go straight to daddy's side at night...mean?!? Yes, but I am the one that always gets up early and gets their breakfast while daddy dozes a little longer) good are those sheets! I am forever showing Mick with my feet where the tag on the matress is, and trying to explain how that's halfway...this would make it oh so official! LOL


Look at what I got!! Thanks Jacqui! I feel so honored! So darn excited that someone is reading my blog!
The rules for the award are - (1) The winner can put the logo on their
blog. (2) Link the person you received your award from. (3) Nominate at least 7
other blogs. (4) Put links of those on yours. (5) Leave a message on the blogs
of the girls or boys you’ve nominated
Oooooh now to think of some people to nominate!!! There are so many blogs I visit, that this is just plain hard!

I love visiting Christine Middlecamp's blog...I feel weird doing this cause she is amazing, and famous and all that, but I am guessing even Fabulosas like getting awards!?!?!?

Love visitng my family's blogs...Dan and Del, Phrog and mumsy

Another famous person...but again, every fabulosa needs to know how much they are loved is Stephanie Howell...just love her photos, her writing, her stories and her scrapping!

Oooooh and Dena!!! She is just plain fabulous and deserves MANY awards!!!

Love reading Kerryn's blog...she has some lovely scrapping up every time I visit! Marisa always has pretties she finds around the place on her blog..the little rag dolls are gorgeous!

And, I know its more than 7, but all the Addicted DT reading your blogs and finding out what you are up to!!!! (all of the links for these girlies are over there>>>

Phew! That was tough, and really only a few of my favourites!!! But it said at least 7...

LOL thanks for stopping by, and thanks for the award Jacqui!!!

Monday, August 18, 2008

Welcome the newest addition to the Piper Household...

Oooooooh Isn't she pretty!?! Why am I not using it you might ask??? Well, cause I am patiently waiting for the darn battery to charge!!!! Its killing me!!!
Mick got up this morning and decided it was too cold and wet today to he went to Bundy to pick up this beautiful beautiful camera...I am dying to play!!!

Sam and I hung around the house, trying to keep warm.

We decided to wander down to the shops, so we set out...and we fell over...on the road! How embarassing! Luckily it was just outside our house, and no one else saw. Poor Sammy got a big graze and a bruise on hie forehead and his hand. I bought his happiness again with a Kinder surprise...

My wrist was hurting so I spent the whopping sum of $0.20 for this pretty book in the op shop...

The illustrations are just GORGEOUS! I am totally cutting this up, but don't tell my mum and dad (they are librarians and kind of frown upon that sort of caper)

Oh, and I got a notice to go pick up a parcel today. I spent all morning in a fit of excitement..I love parcels! I thought it may have been my Studio Calico kit from the states (although i couldn't hear any choirs of angels announcing its arrival...)

It was my Bella! kit that I won last month for Scrapjacked! Just check out how generous they are! look at all this STUFF! All that yummy chipboard and ribbons...SO excited!!!

Oh yes! And a RAK winner...I got Nat to pick a number between 1 and 7...and she chose 3! So are the lucky winner of my little prize! (I think I have your addy somewhere!) Definitely going to do this again, it was FUN! I go to watch the little light on the battery charger. I shall be back tomorrow with some FAB photos...I hope this thing magically improves my skillz! LOL