Friday, August 8, 2008

Five Fab Friday Faves!

Wooot!!!!! Its Friday!!!! Bring on the weekend!

First Fave this week is this quirky cat. He's hilarious...he comes to the toilet with me (his tray is in the huge toilet room), he sits on the top of the shower stall while I shower, he follows us down to the shops and waits patiently outside for us to come out. He's just plain funny, and kind of cool! Awwww Fave two is my family...all of them. They all rock, and we have SO much fun when we get together! Love love love them!!!!
Fave three is these kids. They have made me laugh SO many times this week! They are funny guys!
Ooooh Fourth fave is scrappy DT getting those pizza boxes in the post!
And fifth fave doesn't have a photo...I am going to a real live class tomorrow!!! We will be making a tag book, and I have those fabulous photos I took of the kids last weekend to scrap! How fun!!!! I love real live classes. Having other people who are scrap mad and just sitting there for hours, playing with paper paint and glue...ahhhhh BLISS!

Mick is now officially on holidays! Any suggestions for house colours??? He is supposed to be starting painting on Monday, and I still don't know what colour to paint...all i know is that i don't want green. Its green and apricot at the moment (eeeeew, who thought THAT was a good idea???) I am thinking blue, red and cream. Trust me it looks better than it sounds! I will be sure and post lots of work in progress shots!

Thanks for stopping by! Link me up with your five faves list! I'd love to see!!!

Have a great weekend!

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Dena said...

Popping in to say HELLO, I am alive and I love your list.

We are trying to pick out house colors as well. UGH. I found a nice sage color that I like. Hard hard choice to make huh!