Friday, August 22, 2008

Five Fab Faves! (and a sick girlie:-()

Poor Charli is sick...look at my poor little blossom... Now, onto the faves!!!

#1 the kids artistic creations...this little guy here is a lizard, created at day care by Sammo! Mind you, I hate hanging onto these things, and after I make the appropriate 'ooooohs' and 'aaaaah's, and perhaps snap a few pics, they usually get tossed in the rubbish *blush*
#2...Competition wins! What a cool way to get happy mail! The Fiskars blog had a comp running a while back, and all I did was leave a comment..I won this cute little box of vellum flowers!
Mick came down to work yesterday and mentioned that there was a parcel from new Zealand...I vowed I hadn't ordered anything from New Zealand....I don't think he believed me....
#3. I am obsessed by these passionfruit squares...LOVE them! I am not particularly a fan of home baked stuff...cause I get sick of doind the baking. Love me some heavily processed baked goods!
#4 mmmmm sunset. Love the pretty colours. There is nothing like these colours outside of nature.
#5 is naturally my baby. My new camera. It hasn't magically given me skillz overnight, but my snaps are improving. LOVE it!
Thanks guys, thats mine for this week...give it a go, and let me see!

Thanks for stopping by!


Dena said...

Ohhh huge hugs to your sick girlie. I hope she feels better soon.
Your sunset picture is GORGEOUS!
Love your list as always :)
HOpe you have a fab weekend!

pink4u said...

Really enjoying your Favs. Sorry your little one is not feeling well.
NICE Camera!! Love the lizard with the feather...too sweet!!

Thanks for visiting my Blog...I got my Fridge magnet at Target...they even have one with shoes on it!!
Take Care!!