Tuesday, August 26, 2008

The Bridesmaid shopping adventure!

Well, after a bit of a change in plans(Sam was supposed to be coming with me, but could not be torn from his daddy or the X-Box), Natalie and I set off for Brisbane in search of the elusive perfect Bridesmaid dress.... We met up at Clare's house. Just as I pulled into Clare's driveway, mum and Amy pulled in behind us! What great timing! Poor Shane looked thoroughly overwhelmed by the arrival of three additional females, all chattering and trying to catch up in the first 5 minutes, so we went off in search of dinner.

Plan 'A' was a cheap Thai takeaway....which I liked, because I was dressed in my best tracky pants and daggy jumper. I had driven for 5 hours, and had no make up. Not pretty.

When suddenly Plan 'B' was hatched! Lets go to Sizzler!!!!!!!

Yep, so my daggy tracksuit and I went to Sizzler. And scared lots of people. I am sure people stayed away from me cause I looked like the sort of person who would stab your hand to get the last potato wedge....

Oh the excitement of the Sizzler goodness!!!

despite my scary attire, dinner was fun! Love spending time with my family...the only possible way this could have been better would have been is ALL the family couls have been there...not sure if they would have shooped with the same level of commitment the next day though.

Luckily this is not how we slept. Nat and I shotgunned the bed, leaving mum and Amy to sleep...umm, not sure where....

And after a good night's sleep we left to search for THE dress...we left home at 9.30am, and got back to Clare's at 6.30pm. *sigh* and guess where we will be buying the dress???



jacqui jones said...

thats too funny

im glad u had a great weekend anyway

we bought a house on the weekend
link to pics on my blog

foxylady said...

that was such a better story then mine..how do u arrange your blog so well

Kerryn said...

you crack me up girl! oh the joys of shopping for the perfect dress! hope she finds it :).