Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Kerryn, close your eyes....

Cause this post has sneaky peeks of the Direct2U DT pack!!!! And you don't want to ruin the surprise when the postie comes!

First though...Sam. He seems to have become strangely attached to this back pack. When I say attached, I mean ATTACHED. Seriously. He arrived in our bed the last two nights wearing the pack. It comes EVERYWHERE with us. He is currently watching television, wearing the pack.

Now, this pack is packed specially by Sam. I had been unable to peek in all weekend, because he was constantly wearing it. He has a bath, and the pack is sitting beside the tub. So, last night when he was asleep (with the pack in the bed beside him) I opened it. It is just chock full of his treasures. Toys, leaves, sticks and stuff that he has seen lying around that has caught his eye.

I think its gorgeous. A little snapshot of what is going on inside his head. A look into what he thinks is important. The little yellow folded bit of paper is a map. He made this (whilst wearing the back pack) when I was scrapping the other day. Apparently it tells us where Woozles and Dinosaurs are. Handy.
The pack is full of his favourite toy...Army Guys. You know the little green plastic men? he has hundreds of them...correction - I have bought hundreds of them, and they all get lost. It must be a mighty battle they are waging to have so many casualties!

On the Army Guys...The girls have become very interested in the bible and God. Asking questions etc etc (anyone know how to explain who made God??? I've got nothing) Sam - trying to horrify and shock me - the other day said in all seriousness " I believe in army guys. Not God". I just nodded and said "that's fine".

A few minutes later he came back crying "I didn't mean it mummy. I believe in God and army guys"

And finally...Kerryn..I warned you...close your eyes!!!!! My Direct2U DT pack!

Oooh its chock full of yummy yummy stuff! I am itching to use...its very 'me'! So excited about this one!

Oooooh what is it??? You'll have to just wait and see!

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parkergal17 said...

Oh how sweet is your boy and his backpack. Sounds like it is full of lots of treasure and fun. What a great source of entertainment he has sorted for himself.