Tuesday, August 12, 2008

The travellers return!

And what an exciting adventure we had! We drove out to Monogorilby to visit our new friends the Bell family. The road kind of looks like this for some of the way...only 17.5km of dirt, not too scary! I love the red soil. We arrived safely and met the lovely Lauren, her husband and her two children. Sam and Lachlan played together like they were old friends. They got along SO well! Little Michaela took a while to get used to the strangers in her house, but soon warmed up! (this is her in the photo below, how cute is she!?! She looks like a little mushroom!)
And Sam and Lachlan - and Bruce the dog. Thank goodness Sam nabbed the chocky bickies off the table, he managed to eat the rest of them on the way home. I'm guessing he won't be needing lunch!
It was so nice to meet Lauren! So cool to think that I met her through scrapbooking and the internet...the world just seems to be getting smaller and smaller! Thanks you so much Lauren for a lovely morning! Elly slept the entire way home, and is now curled up on the couch watching Dora....she really still is unwell. Oh, just had a thought - I really hope its not catching!!! Sorry!

So, after yesterdays failed attempt to get a new camera, I needed to buy something...so, introducing our first ever brand new microwave!!! Every other microwave Mick and I have owned has been 2nd or 3rd hand...so this is a big grown up move for us!

Wooohooo!!! Mick made a cup of tea last night and deliberately let it go cold, just so he could re heat it!

Well, better dash, that washing isn't going to hang itself, SADLY!

Thanks for stopping by!


Kerryn said...

Isn't it great how scrapbooking introduces us to new friendships, both online and IRL.
LOL at the cup of tea - I think I only ever have cold cups of tea these days - I reheat mine at least twice before I remember to drink it.
Hope the new camera arrives soon :)

Lauren said...

Thank you so much for coming to visit us! The kids had a great time and Lachlan was sad to see his little friend go. Hope to catch up again soon!

foxylady said...

who the heck is Elly