Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Happy happy joy joy!!!!

After the looooooooooong camp out beside the mail box, my Studio Calico kit has arrived all the way from the US!!!!!
It was packaged all pretty, each little kit (I bought the main kit and two add ons) came in a paper bag with a little sticker on it. It was fun just to open it! Oh oh oh!!!!! Looky!!!!! The colours, the smell...the THICKERS!

Oh my, look at the Prima brads!!!!!
And all that paper!!!!! So many sheets, so many possibilities!

And wouldn't you know, this parcel arrived on the exact same day that they announce next month's kit! Bwahahahah!!!!! My poor little credit card!
Love ya, thanks for stopping by and sharing my scrappy excitement!


Lauren said...

I'm so jealous!! If you ever feel the need to share...............

jacqui jones said...

oer very nice

Kerryn said...

oh so jealous right now! i expect to see a fabulous creation tomorrow morning thank you very much LOL!