Monday, August 18, 2008

Welcome the newest addition to the Piper Household...

Oooooooh Isn't she pretty!?! Why am I not using it you might ask??? Well, cause I am patiently waiting for the darn battery to charge!!!! Its killing me!!!
Mick got up this morning and decided it was too cold and wet today to he went to Bundy to pick up this beautiful beautiful camera...I am dying to play!!!

Sam and I hung around the house, trying to keep warm.

We decided to wander down to the shops, so we set out...and we fell over...on the road! How embarassing! Luckily it was just outside our house, and no one else saw. Poor Sammy got a big graze and a bruise on hie forehead and his hand. I bought his happiness again with a Kinder surprise...

My wrist was hurting so I spent the whopping sum of $0.20 for this pretty book in the op shop...

The illustrations are just GORGEOUS! I am totally cutting this up, but don't tell my mum and dad (they are librarians and kind of frown upon that sort of caper)

Oh, and I got a notice to go pick up a parcel today. I spent all morning in a fit of excitement..I love parcels! I thought it may have been my Studio Calico kit from the states (although i couldn't hear any choirs of angels announcing its arrival...)

It was my Bella! kit that I won last month for Scrapjacked! Just check out how generous they are! look at all this STUFF! All that yummy chipboard and ribbons...SO excited!!!

Oh yes! And a RAK winner...I got Nat to pick a number between 1 and 7...and she chose 3! So are the lucky winner of my little prize! (I think I have your addy somewhere!) Definitely going to do this again, it was FUN! I go to watch the little light on the battery charger. I shall be back tomorrow with some FAB photos...I hope this thing magically improves my skillz! LOL


Phrog said...

No Clone Wars yet, i`ll send it when I get it. Other disc`s are in the mail, including the Port Douglas Photo`s. Enjoy, hopefully Michael wont be camped out for too long at the Mail Box.

Kerryn said...

I've gotten one of those packs from Bella and they are SO generous. Enjoy playing :).
Thanks to young Nat for picking the right number LOL. Thanks Kirsty the goodies you've put together look awesome!

jacqui jones said...

that camera is very nice
have fun playing
i dont regret going dslr for one moment! and ever since i turned to the manual side of the camera thats when my photos really if u want tips.. :)

congrats on the win i saw it the other pack of stuff

Lauren said...

Looks like all your christmases have come at once! Lucky girl. Enjoy your new toy!

jacqui jones said...

i awarded you the i love your blog award