Friday, August 15, 2008

Its that time again!!!!

Its FRIDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So, its time to list those faves...think of the things that bring a smile to your face, or the things that make your life fun!

Okay, so #1 this week, isn't fun....yes, that is a photo of cat litter. Tis true. Doesn't take much to make me happy these days. This is THE BEST cat litter EVER! It doesn't smell, it doesn't go everywhere, and it doesn't need constant maintenance! So, I guess, if you have to have litter, this is the one! Now fave #2 this week is something that makes me feel LOVED! Every night after dinner, no matter how much mess, within 1/2 an hour of eating, my kitchen is clean. My gorgeous husband cleans and does the dishes every night!
#3 I love my photo 'storage' system. Okay, I use the term fairly loosely...its not so much a system, as well, a pile...but its in a cupboard! Does that count??? I love that every time I need a photo, I get to look through all my pics...I love seeing the kids photos from when they were babies, there are even a few of Mick and I when we were babies! (Yeah, okay really NOT a system! LOL)
Oooh #4...butterflies..not the real ones, not a big fan of them, but scrappy ones...and btw, this is a sneaky peek at my Addicted DT creations for this month!
Mmmm...#5 is this scrummy Dove shower stuff. Love the smell, love how it makes my skin it!
So, thats me! Link me to yours, I'd love to see!

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pink4u said...'ve got me started on this Friday Favorite Posting! I love to visit your Blog and check out your favs!

You have some awesome ideas!!
Thanks for sharing

Dena said...

Hey girl! So glad to be back this week. I can't believe how much I missed the Friday Faves! I love how you captured the little things like cat litter. AND WHERE ON EARTH do I sign up to get my man to do the dishes after dinner. Holy crap that is awesome! You are a lucky lucky lady. I hope that you have a fantastic weekend. And I love your lil sneak peek with the butterflies!! I love them too :)