Saturday, January 31, 2009


By the fabulosa Susan!

1. Go to the section of your computer where you store all of your photos.
2. Select the 6th folder.
3. Select the 6th photo.
4. Post and explain about that picture.
5. tag 6 other people.....

My pic is one of Sam helping me cook Anzac biscuits on Anzac day last year:-)

Soooo....who wants a go??? Let me know if you do this, so I can come check it out!

I Totally Ugly Cried

Like the kind of crying where there is snot and tears and gasping for breath.

Not pretty.

And I am ever so glad I watched this at home, and not in a theatre....

I watched Seven Pounds.

It had romance.... It was cheesy, and totally improbable....

(and is that dog not gorgeous??)
And Will Smith was smoking hot yummy yummy a great actor....

Wow, what a movie....I had been warned that it was a bit of a tear jerker..... (unlike when my husband took me to see Armageddon telling me it was an action movie and I ended up having to wipe my nose on his sleeve several times..)
So, if you are having a weekend in, I think you should watch this. With tissues. And come back to tell me what you thought, I'd love to know I am not the only ugly crier in the house LOL

Friday, January 30, 2009

Five faves for Friday!

Some weeks, I struggle to think of 5 things that made me smile, but this week, I had NO problems! Must have been a terrific week!

#1My black Haviana thongs. Love them. My sister got sick of me borrowing hers when I was down for Christmas (I think she feared I would take them...and I was going to too) So luckily, she bought me my own pair.
#2 the girls and I are LOVING the new Beyonce CD. Especially the 'Single Ladies' single. Heee!
(P.S. I know that I am FAR too old to be loving this CD...)
#3 my Twisted Sista Cafe mug. Mum got all us girls one of these for Christmas, and I love it:-)
#4 I got a surprise in the mail this week.
I have been expecting some photos and movies from my brother when this HUGE parcel arrived...
My sis in law had found a tea set for me when they were cleaning up her aunts house...

She remembered that I ADORE teapots (I have a few) and kept it for me, then paid an exorbitant amount of money to get it up here to me.
Is she not the BEST sister???? Isn't it a gorgeous tea set? Its so pretty and dainty!

#5 Staying home with this guy...

He is off to prep next year, and I am dreading it. I am planning on making the most of our at home days this year....
So...hook me up with your faves!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Wednesday Weigh In!

Its that time of the week again folks.... I have lost a further 1.3 kg (or 2.9lbs)

YAY! I wasn't really expecting much of a loss this week after being so sick and thus not being very good on the diet!

And today Sam and I tackled this mess...

Hmm, anyone would think it had MONTHS since I cleaned in here....Nope, last week it was quite tidy! The crunch came last night when he fell out of bed and the amount of clothing on the floor prevented him from being hurt or even waking up. *sigh*

And after.

4 bags of clothes to the op shop, and one garbage bag later, we can see the floor.

A job well done I would think!

While the DT are away..

Dena will play!

The Paper Trunk girlies are all away at CHA, so Dena has started giving stuff away! You go girl! Go over and check it out here

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

For the relatives...

First day of school pics!


The holidays are over...and my baby girls are back at school. I cannot believe how quickly the past 7 weeks have gone! I love having them all home with me.

First shot, an obligatory almost arty scrapping shot, purely for the pruposes of adding interest to a scrapped page of the girls first day back LOL Then my Natty. SO nervous. She gets SO scared every single year, and every single year has a blast! This year she is particularly nervous because her best friend is gone. And her second best friend. Poor chick.
Charlotte however is ready to take over the entire school. She has Natalie's teacher from last year, I have mentioned to the teacher that Charlotte and Natalie are COMPLETELY different to each other. She has been warned...

Trying to get a shot of Nat without her pulling a weird face this morning was nigh on impossible...until Sam started running around singing "Mummy has smelly banana feet" Ah well, whatever works right???

Getting ready for the day. I know she will be fabulous, she just likes to test the teacher that first week of school. For the past two years we have had to go and bail her out of trouble in her first week. Even at kindy....she is out to create a stir. To live life out loud!

And again, my little scaredy cat.

I am going to try and enjoy every day this year, because next year, my little man will be joining this circus, and having his first day at school!!! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO....................

Feeling Lucky - Week Three

Over at D2U the comp is into its third week. The criteria this week - 1. painted background 2.lace 3.ribbon 4.fabric 5. Lots of distressing.

And here tis!
My little niece unwrapping her gift from us this christmas! Is she not just gorgeous???

Thanks for stopping by!

Monday, January 26, 2009

Happy Australia Day!

"Do you think the diggers in the trenches were fighting for tofu sausages?? No,they were thinking of grabbing a lamb chop off the barbie, with their bare fingers sustaining third degree burns then sticking their hands in a relieving esky to fish out a cold one..."

LOL Have a great Aussie Day guys!

Scrapping Fodder....


The kids and I drove around the other day checking out the river...we had heard that it was actually flowing (which counts for exciting round these parts LOL) so of course we had to go too... I love how the little dirt road down to the weir becomes a major thoroughfare when it rains, the whole town slowly makes its way down to the riverside to check out the action.

As we were driving I found some pretty spots, which the mummy and scrapper in me was bursting to take pics of my kidlets in....

So today was fine (hot, but fine) and we headed out...
I had this shot TOTALLY planned in my head, and it was RUINED by the HUGE ants nest right under the sign. Darn kids were too scared of being bitten by the ferocious meat ants to pose...where is the commitment people???

They were pretty keen on the bridge...but I was too chicken to let them venture too far. There is only one or two trains a week through on this stretch of track, so we were safe...I promise!

We found lots of interesting bits and pieces along the way...

The kids soon grew weary of the train tracks, so we went down to the river again to check out the water levels...

Everything is suddenly SO GREEN!

So now I am happy...just need to somehow get rid of the ants nest near MY sign, and repose that first photo LOL

Sunday, January 25, 2009

What else do you do...

When there's nowhere to go and nothing to do???

(kudos to those who got the Cat In The Hat reference LOL)

Seeing as how we can't ALL lie around like this.... I decided to scrap (duh!)

I first decided to do the Wicked Princess sketch designed by Princess Sara...
Here's my take...

Admittedly I kind of cheated...well, not cheated, but combined two jobs...I cut the sketch and page down to 10x10 inches and have used it as a page in my 2009 hanging wall calendar! (it was intended to be the June page, but I ran out of 'e' in these Thickers LOL)

And whilst I had all that Cosmo cricket papers out, I decided to make a second calendar page....

And theeeeeen, cause it was still all out over the desk, I made some cards (all of Charlotte's classmates have their birthdays in the first 6 months of the of the 'benefits' of being the first year of I am sure we will be needing cards soon!)

In the interests of being 'green', the little words like 'Hello Sunshine' are cut from the throw away strip...

Yeah, with all that environmentally friendly work, I am eagerly awaiting my Australia Day award! LMAO!

Saturday, January 24, 2009

D2U January sketch:-)

Just a quick LO I did today for january's sketch challenge over at D2U...if you have a go you could win a $10 whats stopping you!?!?!

Some pretty flowers... Love these papers!

Here 'tis! All the girlies!!!!
Thanks for stopping by:-)

Friday Faves!

Oops, I was going to get back to these last night, but #1 fave is the reason why!

#1. Storms! I love them! I used to hate them and be terrified, until my Aunty Sue taught me to listen for mummy and daddy thunders when I was about 8. Ever since then, I have loved them! I love watching them, and the rain that they bring...I even love that we often lose power... Like last night. We lost power from 7.30, until much later (I have no clue when it came back on, I was fast asleep...although all the lights went on and the TV was blaring cause we went to bed leaving everything as it was when the power went out LOL)

#2 Having followers! I LOVE when I log in here and I have another follower!!! You guys ROCK!

#3....I know, you are probably sick of hearing about my family, but this one is my family AND something else..LOL
Out of this pic, there are 7 of us on....

The Celebrity Slim bandwagon!

So good having all these hungry cheerleaders on the end of the phone to support you and agree that they are also hungry and missing carbs:-)
We even started our own little starving family blog so we can log in and encourage each other or ask for help:-)

#4 My new slippers. Yep, its too hot, but I love them. How cute are they??? Thanks mumsy!

#5 my happy place (clearly it was ransacked over night, because there is NO WAY I would have created or left such a hideous mess)
My scrapping room.

Okay. Today may involve a little bit of tidying up. Cause I am positive that there is a desk in there somewhere...and perhaps a floor....
Have a great weekend! Aussies, enjoy your Australia day long weekend! We are batching it here as Mick has to work away - he assures me that he hasn't got a girlfriend..that this really is work. I am choosing to believe him;-)

Friday, January 23, 2009


Looky at what I get to play with from Wicked Princesses! Mmmmmm, happy mail.....

I wore heels to work today. They hurt. Who invented them and what made me think I could wear them for a full 9 hours on my feet??

Just quietly I am in training for my sisters wedding. I have to wear heels and not walk like a tool.

I ignored the mudcake at work today. It smelled good. Caramel...mmmmmm.

Thank you all SO SO SO much for the supportive comments about my Wenesday Weigh in! You rock! Thinking back, I am thrilled with the loss....When I wrote that post I was missing my husband and had a horrid cold...misery guts, thats me!

Hmmm, kind of a disjointed random rambly update LOL

I'll be back later with my faves...