Sunday, January 18, 2009

A hard diet day

But a good one otherwise!

Yesterday I headed off to Gayndah for a class with the lovely Stacey Duncan. We made a desk calendar (photos to follow later...not quite finished) Now Gayndah scrapping usually involves Chinese take away. But on this diet, this is a definite 'no-no'. So I ignored the smells as everyone else ate theirs and had my shake.

After class we headed out to a friends place for a farewell party. The friends put on a couple of kegs of beer and a sausage sizzle. I managed to again ignore the delicious BBQ smells and nibblies out on the tables and waited iuntil I got home....where my drunken husband cooked me eggs (this was his idea...he had the munchies and added bacon to his order)

So it was frustrating, but I am kind of proud of myself! I swear i had better lose weight again this week, or I will be really upset!! LOL


Theresa said...

congratulations Kirsty. You did so well to ignore those foods. I have to confess that I was naughty this morning. I am so ill at the moment that I couldn't stand the sight or smell of my shake for breakfast so I had some toast. I saw the doctor today and I have an acute sinus infection and I feel absolutely dreadful. The sight of the shake was making me feel sick in the tummy. On a brighter note, I have been good for the rest of day. I have eaten my "allowable" foods and taken my painkillers and antibiotics. I haven't done any exercise yet. The body is just too ill for that right now.

Lauren said...

Wow! Good on you for resisting! I hope you lose weight this week too after that effort!

Kerryn said...

WOW your will power is amazing. I would have caved!

Keep it up girl, it will be worth it.

Sonia said...

you go girl!! i would have caved too :( I missed a whole heap of your posts, just read back to see you have started on Celeb Slim... I bought a few shakes the other day just to try them, they aren't bad.. which are your faves? are you having the soups too? can you e-mail me when you get time and tell me more about it? I am thinking of doing a low carb diet too, maybe not strictly as Celeb Slim, dunno, need to research more i think :) Good luck sweetie!!

danndel said...

Kirsty that is very impressive, you rock!!!

Daniel and I are thinking about doing Celebrity Slim too.

foxylady said...

you really rock..Al and I just had thai for lunch. No rice and not a sweet dish..I think u can have chinese so long as its not a sweet dish and nothing battered..But heck I am very proud of you. Have you weighed yourself again??